• SpiritHealer School of Shamanism

    Let your Soul Bloom! Live and on demand courses teach you to be shamanic healer.
    I have taken many workshops and certifications and yours was the best! Lynn Cohen


    SpiritHealer School of Shamanism
  • Equine Bodywork and Healing

    Carla offers bodywork for equines in Phoenix AZ. She combines Masterson Method bodywork with Connected Flow energy healing, encouraging deep release on every level. Equinebodyfreedom.com See her work on The Horse Show with Rick Lamb!

    Equine Bodywork and Healing
  • Carla Meeske

    Shamanic Healer and Instructor for over 20 years, Carla works with animals and people to restore body, mind and heart. Loving Spirits want to help. Learn more about Carla, shamanism and healing sessions.

    Learn about Carla_tr

    Carla Meeske
  • Healing Sessions with Carla

    For you and for your animals, Shamanism is Powerful Medicine. Compassionate Spirits reach deep into the roots and heal issues at their source, bringing blessings and gifts for everyone involved. Carla is the Spirit’s bridge to you.


    Healing Sessions with Carla

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Everything Lasts Forever

Higher Power and Connected Flow

I have been working with the Connected Flow, the creative power that flows through nature, and asking it to come through my hands as I do hands on bodywork on horses. Totally amazing! But is it shamanic? Yes, because I am a bridge to the compassionate power, and I am connecting with specific things in the natural […]

SHS-Free-ODFree Lesson - Experience Shamanism first hand

Your Spirit Guides are calling you. Remember who you are. Enter the path. You and your animals will be thrilled you did! On Demand training in our Learning CenterBlue Reg Now

Healing Session Stories


From Monique: Amara’s Miracle. Amàra is a sweet kitty who is incredibly connected to Spirit, a true teacher! Last year something really terrible happened: she was severely tortured and came home trailing her hind legs. She had burns on her face, all along her back and tail. Her legs had apparently been tied and were without circulation […]

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