Carla Meeske offers shamanic healing for you and your animals, and innovative workshops in modern shamanism.  Ask and you will receive blessings and healing from your compassionate Spirit helpers. Shamanism with Carla - let your soul bloom!

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Shamanic Healing Sessions are Magical! For your animals and for yourself, the compassionate spirits can bring blessings, relief and delight into our lives. Emotional problems, physical issues, questions about what to do next - no matter what, the

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Let your Soul Bloom! Your Power Animals, Spirit Teachers and Ancestors have brought you to the gate. Enter the and remember who you truly are. Heal your body and soul, and create your life in a compassionate garden that grows in mirrored harmony with your dreams.

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Healing Session Stories

From Monique: Amara’s Miracle. Amàra is a sweet kitty who is incredibly connected to Spirit, a true teacher! Last year something really terrible happened: she was severely tortured and came home trailing her hind legs. She had burns on her face, all along her back and tail. Her legs had apparently been tied and were without circulation […]