BumbleBee Retreat 2018

2018 dates:  April 5-8  (we gather Thursday evening, April 5, we begin Friday morning, and close Sunday at noon)

I am developing this year's program right now. It will involve deep work with the Sidhe and the spirits who support us on the ranch. These Spirits are powerful! They fended off a wildfire this spring. They are bringing in lost wandering souls and crossing them to the light. They are organizing Arizona, bringing more circles together, and building our healing power. I will post a blog notice as soon as I have our agenda and theme in order.

Every year we do some hands on work for the ranch horses, and this year we are going to have extra fun -  on Saturday during our afternoon break we will be volunteering on the ranch with a large group of special needs kids. I will bring my horses for pony rides.


Last years program: The biggest promise of shamanism for your own life is transfiguring - becoming one with the spirits and allowing that light to permeate every aspect of your life. This is living the dream. This year we will do ceremony and initiations that bring us as close as each of us can be to this dream. 

The work begins with the spirits of the land and the fairies. We have opened a well on the land that is a powerful portal for clearing. Many lost wandering should have crossed into the light though this gate. We open the well and make sure that all of the things we need to see "go to the light" in us (or attached to us) get cleared and released. This has been a challenging year, and I know I have things to shed!

My plan is to approach transfiguration from two angles. Going deep into the fairy world to find a core cause that manifests in our illness troubles, etc, and heal it - finally! Classic metaphorical or past life shamanism. 

I have been working with the fairies a lot, entering the howe and going into worlds that are more like movies and novels. Really amazing. The healing work is rich and informative. I use the Card Deck of the Sidhe, a fantastic deck by Jeremy Berg and David Spangler. These cards show the world I see when I journey -  the first deck that ever has for me. The garden.   The circle, the stones. The howe. It is really amazing and it feels like home. The monthly journey circles this year will feature these cards, and I will be pulling them and talking about them on my new blog talk radio show. Its just fun. 

The second way will be a transfiguration ceremony where we go far into that magical place where we really don’t want to come back from. Yummy. In we will merge with Spirits of incredible love, and recover dimensions of our divine beauty until we shine like a perfect crystal of love. 

This will be intense, but we will break it up with our favorite thing - hands on healing and connection with the incredible herd of horses at Bumblebee. The ranch always wants us to help them with their "string" of horses, and the horses just love it! You will learn simple and effective techniques for healing all animals (and people) channelling the Spirit power through your entire being, and directing it though your intention into the horses, where they need it the most. They line up for the loving - it is quite a site to see. 

I look forward to your joining us this year. The company is the best and your presence in the circle will be our blessing. 

For those who haven't yet experienced a BumbleBee Ranch Retreat:

We assemble on Thursday afternoon/ evening at the Ranch, and begin circle on Friday morning. We all stay together in the Big House, a wonderful slumber party with loving friends. We eat well. Really well. There is no deprivation! Everyone gets the diet they need - whatever that means. We have lots of time for rest and play, and we do concentrated shamanic work that gives us plenty of healing, learning and empowerment.  We are clear about our work, but we also have no "obligations" and virtually no rules, so if you don't want to participate in any particular thing, its totally fine. You can just sleep and enjoy the ranch if that is what you need. The friendships are AMAZING. Every year our continuing family welcomes new people, as though they had been there year after year before. We are a tribe!

We have been doing ceremony on this land for a long time now, and we have medicine wheels with big power. The Spirits there enjoy us, and we honor them. We always have a dinner party for the family that manages the ranch and the resident Spirits. It's compete joy from the first hug to the last farewell on Sunday early afternoon.

I hope you can join us. The event sells out quickly. But I keep a waiting list. let me know.

Bumble Bee Ranch

Bumble Bee Ranch is a secluded dude ranch about an hour and a half north of the Phoenix airport, and an hour south of Sedona. We rent the single guest house, and between the beds and the the sleeping pads, 13 of us comfortably settle in. The price includes your food and lodging. The food is fresh and delicious, and we can tailor to all those special diets. Just let me know. If you are extra special you may need to help cook!  There are ranch horses, goats and dogs to play with. There are cattle too, but we steer clear of them because they have babies and are protective.

This ranch is located in a very special part of Arizona. The natives lived here in abundance and the land is filled with artifacts - and Spirits! It is close to the Agua Fria National Monument , which offers one of the most significant systems of prehistoric sites in the American Southwest. Today the ranch mission is to preserve history, and to support children's charities, giving kids an authentic ranch experience. It sits beneath the Bradshaw mountains, prospecting country with a rich, old west history (home to Prescott). This place is really special!