Is Hawk my Power Animal?

Recently I was asked this question from a person who is taking the intro series on-demand: "I have a strong connection to hawks. I see them everywhere, and when I have a problem one seems to be right there. But when I did the journey the animal who came wasn't a hawk. I am disappointed! Did I do something wrong?" First I would like to say how fantastic it is that you have the connection to … [Read more...]

Free Recording of Healing Clinic

We had a fantastic time at our Shamanic Animal Healing TeleClinic last night. The call was on Maestro Conference, a teleconference system that gives us break out rooms. Many of our healers paired with clients for private healing sessions, while I and several clients and healers remained in the center circle where we keep the fire going. We call in Spirits and collectively support the healing rooms … [Read more...]

The Animal Internet

TED talks recently posted this fantastic video about people who are developing an internet that animals can use. Peter Gabriel is in the video - that alone makes it worth watching etc... Here is a quote from the write up on the TED site “You know where this is going,” Cerf continues, to a laugh, bringing it back to research in communicating with animals. ”What’s … [Read more...]

Amara’s Miracle Healing

From Monique: Amara's Miracle. Amàra is a sweet kitty who is incredibly connected to Spirit, a true teacher! Last year something really terrible happened: she was severely tortured and came home trailing her hind legs. She had burns on her face, all along her back and tail. Her legs had apparently been tied and were without circulation for so long that they lost "life". The vet was shocked and … [Read more...]

Prehistoric Dog Lovers Liked Seafood, Jewelry, Spirituality

Prehistoric Dog Lovers Liked Seafood, Jewelry, Spirituality May 23, 2013 “I think the hunter-gatherers here saw some of their dogs as being nearly the same as themselves, even at a spiritual level.”   From DiscoveryNews. By Jennifer Viegas. An analysis of ancient dog burials finds that the typical prehistoric dog owner ate a lot of seafood, had spiritual beliefs, and wore … [Read more...]

Louis the Gorilla

Qualified Healer: Kelly Byrnes Healer's Contact Information: Client Louis, a 12 year old male Gorilla experiencing emotional stress, he was separated from his family at the zoo. Date: September 26, 2011 What happened: Our intention was to bring joy, peace and grounding emotionally to Louis, as well as a positive outlook. We met in our Sacred Circle in the Lower World, … [Read more...]

Spunky Sends Comfort

Qualified Healer: Kelly Byrnes Healer's Contact Information: Client: Spunky, a dog who passed away at 17 yrs old, and is now in Spirit Date: August 29, 2011   What happened: Our intention was to meet with Spunky in the Sacred client wanted to know if it was the right time for Spunky to pass and see how he's doing. Spunky showed himself very … [Read more...]

Chip the Chihuahua with Breathing Trouble

Animal: Chip-8 year old chihuahua Healing Clinic Date: August 29, 2011 Qualified Healer: Cheryl Kwallek Contact: email- Request/Concern:  Chip’s owner was concerned about congestion and breathing problems. Shamanic Healing:  My teacher and other spirits performed an extraction around the chest and throat area. Small, black, buggy objects appeared during … [Read more...]

Angel- the Cat with Mammory Tumors

Healing for Angel, 7/23/12 Qualified Healer: Kelly Byrnes The intention of the journey was to bring healing to Angel,  Meg's 13 year old cat who has tumors in her mammary glands and infection in her right ear. We went to the Upper World where Angel’s Spirit Guides and my Spirit Guides and Power Animals gathered around Angel in the Sacred Healing Circle. The animals that came were Ape, … [Read more...]

Stuie the cat

Qualified Healer: Mary Carter Animal:  Stuie - cat, approximately 2.5-3 years old, orange and white   Problem:  lived on streets for 1.5 years, was with 2 families that abandoned him. He doesn’t like being an indoor cat, is stressed and has anxiety.  He attacks humans and has to be separated from 2nd cat in family.  He has known abuse issues.   Intention:  to be more … [Read more...]

Ollie the Donkey gets a Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval in July 2012 Healing Clinic Ollie the Shy (formerly) Wild Donkey Animal: Olli- a 7 year old formerly wild Burro Healing Clinic Date: July 23, 2012 Qualified Healer: Astrid Request/Concern: Ollie is a gelded formerly wild burro. His current owner has had him for approximately 3-4 years. He is not very trusting of people and scares easily although he is extremely loving and … [Read more...]

Jasmin the Calico Cat – Case Study

I am so grateful for what Jasmin and I both received this was most powerful and exceeded my expectations in ways I can't express~ Jasmin has been having anxiety issues and stays a lot under our bed since 4-5 months now. Jasmin is a very smart girl. She observes everything and everyone. I noticed when our oldest cat of 16 yrs. (who is now deceased since Aug. 27th 2011) was licking an … [Read more...]