Simple intentional touch


You should do a very specific light touch technique with her. Put your fingers on the neck  - very very lightly, and close your eyes. Focus on her bones and the soft tissue. Do Not Think. Just imagine the healthy, vibrant, happy tissues. Today I did a session for a older dog named Maya who is dizzy and holds her head to the side. The vet said it may be vestibular disease, and Gail is hopeful … [Read more...]

Being useful


A lady who was in my Free Shamanism for Animals class has been writing me. She has had spontaneous journeys with a Power Animal since she was a child. Lately the journeys have become more intense, and she has been shown living world animals who are suffering because of the terrible winter weather. It is clear to her that the Power Animal is asking her to help - but how? She said "Always my Power … [Read more...]

Knowing: Shamanic philosophical exploration

Dore world between the worlds

In the SpiritHealer School's #6 Class: Animal Crossing and the Afterlife, we have been exploring the world in between the upper and lower worlds,and the middle world. These realms are well known in our classical literature and art. Susanne shared this picture on Facebook today, because it really does speak to what we have seen in our journeys. Shamanism is about coming to KNOW what IS. Shamanism … [Read more...]

Yarnell Fire Journey


The Yarnell fire, which claimed 19 firefighter lives 2 days ago, is about 80 miles from where I live. Our whole community is reeling. The Healing Clinic on Monday July 1 was a small gathering of Qualified Healers, and we chose to do a healing journey for those affected by the fire. We set our intention to go to our sacred circles in non-ordinary reality, and ask our Spirit Allies to do whatever … [Read more...]

Dragons. Cosmic Serpents with Immense Power

Leafy Sea Dragon

  Dragons. Cosmic Serpents and Human Partnership They capture the essence of our human limits. In lore, dragon masters are wizards with shamanic power. People who can command Dragons have an awesome responsibility.  Dragons can can breath fire and destroy, or they can protect us from the worst the world can offer.  Dragons shimmer with the light of compassionate clarity, and at the same … [Read more...]

CAT Dragons


Yesterday we had our first Dragon workshop in Florida, hosted by Jo Maldonado's CAT. The Dragons came through with so much clarity and power. Three themes wove through the work - remembering the dragon time, and us in that time - creating our future empowered by our personal dragon - dragon powered hands on healing Some highlights - Some of us experienced the dragons in ways that evoked the … [Read more...]

Ancestor Spirit visits Mary

Mary recently shared this journey with me. She wasn't expecting this. She was just doing a journey, when she got a major visitation! Has this been happening to you too? The Ancestors are returning and we are all be blessed! Dear Carla, I told you I would write about my journey from last night, I now have two journeys. I went to my circle and started with gratitude and thanking all that … [Read more...]

Orlando Hands on Healing was a WOW!


Jo Maldonado of CAT in Orlando recently hosted me for a very special weekend. We began on Friday with a healing ceremony for the CARE foundation, a wild animal sanctuary. My plan was to have the circle do power animal retrievals for the residents, but when I did my “prejourney” I learned that an important resident cat wanted us to do things differently. He wanted to be the shaman, bringing … [Read more...]

Spiral Cycle Masterclasses

The Spiral Cycle consists of three distinct workshop-ceremonies. These workshops will be offered in a series of Masterclass Teleclasses starting Fall 2013. They are the Spirits' gift to you. There is no need to learn these ceremonies in a particular order. They can stand alone or be done together. When I do all three for a client I use the order below. But I often just use one or another as the … [Read more...]

Hawaii Workshop – Learn to Journey and Spirits of the Reef

On August 16-18, 2008 I will be giving a 2 day introductory workshop in Kona, followed by a special 3rd day of communicating with the Hawaiian reef. I am very excited to be finally sharing this magical work. When I was journeying in Bonaire the spirits of the ocean would regularly direct me to Hawaii and say, "These are the spirits you will be working with to bring this to life for people." And so … [Read more...]

New pages hold new content

I am moving my new reef journey posts onto pages, and I will catalog them here. That way it will be easier for you to follow along. March 14, 2008: Your Journeys to Heal the Land. The first is a series of Journeys by Lyn Benedict to heal the Open Pit Mine and the old mining tunnels in Butte MT. Feb 6, 2008: Journey to the reef to help a woman who is crossing over. I learn that Barracuda is … [Read more...]

A journey with the Spotted Eagle Rays

Today I returned to Bari's Reef, and this time I entered the water at 4:30. At 4:35 I was over the sand, and at 4:36 I was dancing with an Eagle Ray, then two. They were grazing together and they didn't mind me one bit. I spent 50 minutes swimming with the pair today. I got so close that I could see the smallest color patterns, even on their super thin tails. They were not put off in anyway, not … [Read more...]