Why all the child ghosts?

A friend asked me this question today: Carla, I have one question; I am watching Crime & Investigation network for the programmes on ghosts. It educates me. But I can not understand why so many children spirits are seen. I was under the impression every child is waited for when they die. It is such an awful thought, children who are trapped. Do you know why that is? Hi! This questions is … [Read more...]

UN Global Conference on Climate Change

Our own Natalia Vega-Berry created this video that was shown at the UN Global Conference on Climate Change this last Tuesday. She and i did journey work to support her and to help give the images the power to move change forward. It is very moving! We did this work following the teachings of Claude Poncelet, who has written a book called The Shaman Within: A Physicist's Guide to the Deeper … [Read more...]

Validation! Ron Sohlar finds records of his past life

On Sept 5, 2014 I interviewed Ron Sohler about his new book, Returning to Pieg Sayers. The book follows my personal discovery of who I was in a past life, where I lived and how I died. Included are the details of information, validations and clues that lead me to reconnect with my mother of a previous lifetime. I journeyed across the ocean and visited her gravesite and where I once lived. His … [Read more...]

Body and Soul Healing

Cranial Sacral and Ortho Bionomy are wonderful gifts, especially when I do a shamanic session on myself as the therapist is working their hands on magic. Since we had that roll over car wreck in October 2013 I have been feverishly working to become pain free and get my physical mojo back -  and it has really worked!  I wanted to share my little recipe.  My job in the session is to call in the … [Read more...]

Where the two swords cross

When we are working with Spirits, they often initiate a big teaching by giving us a small but very important  key. The Spirits said to me yesterday that when I am doing hands on work, I need to find the place in the body where the two swords cross. The showed me two swords, crossed, and then showed me where they were in my clients body.  I put my hands there, and along the lines of the swords, and … [Read more...]

Nurturing a dragon egg

When we receive a dragon egg, we need to nurture that egg, and the dreams it contains. Sometimes this may simply mean that we feel the egg in our hearts (or where ever it is), and we acknowledge it on a regular basis. Part of the journey work for me is getting the client clear instructions on how to do that. Maybe we tend to it by keeping a journal, or by doing a simple ritual.  At some point that … [Read more...]

Dragon eggs

Imagine, if you will, a surface made of shimmering light, shifting between a solid appearance of gold, silver or some magical texture, and a translucent curtain into the energetic substrate just on the other side. This is way dragon' eggs appear to me, a tangible mirage. More and more when I am doing healing journeys with people and animals, dragons are part of the Spirit team doing the work. … [Read more...]

Let the Spirits Lead

The first step in shamanic work is realizing that the Spirits are in charge, and that they will lead  you in your journey's, your intuitive work, and your life. It can be challenging. Spirits talk to us through our imaginations, Some people cant believe their ears. Or their eyes. Or their hearts. It takes courage to say "I believe you!" Some people have been trained as intuitives but do not have a … [Read more...]

Manifesting your Spirit’s Dream

Shamanic work is a cooperative venture with you and Spirit. When you get a personal technique from your compassionate helping Spirits you are manifesting the Spirit's dream. Many of the ancestor Spirits who work with us hold old secret knowledge. The old ways were passed along through oral tradition, and kept vibrant through the living person's dialog with the Spirits, as they practiced the … [Read more...]

Dragon Respect

We have been working with dragons at Bumblebee now for 2 years, and the work is really different from working with the compassionate spirits of the upper and lower worlds. Dragons are middle world beings. They are powerful! They know who they are! Some resonate crystalline power, like the elements birthed from exploding stars and nurtured in cosmic nurseries. Some are raw like fire. Some are sweet … [Read more...]

Simple intentional touch

You should do a very specific light touch technique with her. Put your fingers on the neck  - very very lightly, and close your eyes. Focus on her bones and the soft tissue. Do Not Think. Just imagine the healthy, vibrant, happy tissues. Today I did a session for a older dog named Maya who is dizzy and holds her head to the side. The vet said it may be vestibular disease, and Gail is hopeful … [Read more...]

Being useful

A lady who was in my Free Shamanism for Animals class has been writing me. She has had spontaneous journeys with a Power Animal since she was a child. Lately the journeys have become more intense, and she has been shown living world animals who are suffering because of the terrible winter weather. It is clear to her that the Power Animal is asking her to help - but how? She said "Always my Power … [Read more...]