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Full Circle 9 Month Intensive Shamanic Training

  • ZOOM and my house Phoenix, AZ (map)

Two sections: Wednesday 8:00 AM pacific time.  Wednesday 5:30 PM pacific time.  Each meeting is 2 hours long. Let me know which section you prefer when you register. We are working to keep each section to 6 people, but we are flexible. And if one section is your "home room", you can still come to the other section whenever you like.  

A 9 month program of core shamanism infused with Carla's unique Celtic knowledge -  begins January 2018. Learn to help people, animals and yourself.

Do you want to learn shamanism in a small circle of close friends? Do you want to help all the living beings we cherish - animals, people and our sacred places? I will be teaching my year long program starting January 2018. This will be a combination class. We will meet on ZOOM for weekly meetings each month, with local people welcome to join me at my home for the meetings. You will practice your skills at our ZOOM healing clinic and for locals, at our local drumming circle.  

Those who can will join us for the BumbleBee retreat in April 5-8, 2018.

We will learn core shamanic techniques for healing ourselves and others - people and animals. The lessons will be flexible enough so that if you want to focus on animal healing, you can. If you want to work with people, you can. I do both every day! I will teach you using the same techniques I use every day in my practice. 

Every class will be recorded for your review. You will get wonderful handout books for reference and to give you the exact steps we use in class. If you have to miss a meeting you can get it on the recording. 

The classes will build, teaching you healing techniques for all the common situations I see in my practice: chronic and acute illness, soul loss, helping animals and people transition and cross, connecting to the ancestors, working with the Sidhe, deep merging with Spirit Allies, and much more. There will be powerful initiations that will bring your mind, body and soul into alignment with the Spirits who are your true teachers and guides. 

My daily work is grounded in the techniques of Core Shamanism I learned from Micheal Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (beginning in 1986). It has expanded to embrace the mystical worlds of the Celts, my ancestors, who have painstakingly taught me their "signature" techniques: Spiral in Time Healing, Shamanic Soul Gardening, and Dragon Magic. We will introduce you to my signature shamanic practices in the core program. There are masterclasses that go into these in depth, which you can take as they are offered, during or after your core program. 

The core program is 9 months long - 36 meetings over the course of 10 months (because we will be taking a week off here and there for holidays). The class will be small.  

I am asking you to commit to the full nine months, so our circle can grow and bond together for the full ride. Each month is $275. You can register by paying for the first and last month ($550). If you want to pay for the whole thing upfront you get one month for free. ($2200).

I am so excited to be offering this again. It has been a few years since I offered my Shamanic Certification Course. This course is an updated version of that incorporating new ideas and expanding the scope to helping people as well as animals. I miss the weekly connection with a dedicated circle, and I love the magic that the Spirits grace us with - the incredible healing, the awakenings, and the ongoing encyclopedia of knowledge they impart with each journey. We will all grow immensely! Welcome aboard! 

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