Learn Shamanism - Let your Soul Bloom!

Your Power Animals, Spirit Teachers and Ancestors have brought you to the gate. Enter and remember who you truly are. Heal your body and soul, and create your life in a compassionate garden that grows in mirrored harmony with your dreams. Learning Shamanism is one of the most powerful things you can do with your beautiful life. The Spirits are calling all of us to join them, and bring their beauty into the world. 


Close Circles of Friends

Distance and live - you will join a loving family

Distance Learning: Most of our classes are telephone/web based, and people come from all over the world. People like you! You can make close friends; people stay in touch year after year.  We have live gatherings too, mostly in Arizona, but sometimes in other locales.

Live Gatherings and Retreats: Monthly class meetings at Carla's house in North Phoenix. Ceremonial drumming circles in Phoenix. And our Big Event, our annual retreat at Bumblebee Ranch in Arizona is filled with spirits and friendship. 

Begin your Shamanic journey with our free intro class.  

This video class that teaches you to journey into non-ordinary reality in a simple way. Meet your Power Animal!

Explore the hidden dimensions of a natural place you know and love, guided by your personal Power Animal. This is a simple introduction to shamanic journeying is your gateway through the veil.  You will step into the other world as easily as a child dreams. Carla teaches you clear and simple techniques for accessing these realms and reconnecting you with your Spirit Allies.

This class is the first of a 9 part series, Introduction to Shamanism" that teaches you how to access the three shamanic realms with your spirit ally team. You will learn to communicate with animals using the shamanic journey, and you will learn to retrieve power animals for yourself and others. 

Shamanism is magical. Start your journey today with our free class. Welcome home!

On demand Intro course 

Continue with our 9 part on-demand with course. This course teaches overall shamanic techniques, and then gives you experience using shamanism to communicate with animals and help your animal friends.  You will learn to journey into the upper and lower worlds, with your power animal and spirit guides, and you will learn simple, effective shamanic healing techniques you can use for yourself and others. Develops your skills in holding intention through the shamanic journey, and your relationship with your Spirit allies.  

Exploring Shamanic Power Webinar Class 


Shamanic work is broad with infinite possibilities for healing and discovery. Some of the Spirits we work with are as ancient as the universe, and their knowledge is beyond our human dreams. But don't let the vastness overwhelm you. In this three part series you will explore three activities I perform regularly in my shamanic healing practice.

Experience healing in your own personal healing space, connected to your core Spirit Allies. You will stand witness to a complete shamanic healing, performed by your Spirit Allies, at your intentional request. And you will communicate with a deceased loved one. 

We meet weekly for 3 weeks. Each class is 2 hours long, and is held on ZOOM video webinar. You can simply call in by phone if you prefer. You will receive a lovely handout with step by step instructions for every journey. If you need to miss a meeting, no worries. Each session is recorded. 

Spirit Allies and your Sacred Circle

Meeting 1: Spirit Allies and your Sacred Circle
Discover your Spirit Allies in the upper and lower world, and find a sacred circle where you can receive guidance and healing. You will receive a personal healing from your Spirit Allies, in your sacred circle. 

Meeting 2: Perform a Shamanic Healing
Your role will be to hold the intention for the healing, and stand witness to your Spirit Allies power. The Spirits will work in the sacred circle you discovered in the first week. We will perform healing's for each other, or for each other's animals.

Meeting 3: Communicate with a Loved One's Spirit
You don't need to be a special psychic to talk with the dead. You just need the shamanic journey, your Spirit Allies, and clear intention. It's easiest to start by communicating with other people's relatives and pets, so we will pair up for this journey.  

This class will amaze you. We go deep in a very short time. (This is my teaching style: fast, clear and powerful). Shamans are bridges to the Spirit world; we hold their power in our bones so they can fix things here on earth. This is a very important job, and these three meetings will give you a strong start. The key is to allow the Spirits to do the work.  I will show you how, in very simple terms. 

This class will fully prepare you to enter my Full Circle training. And it will let you know if shamanism, and my teaching style, are right for you. 


Full Circle Shamanic Training Course



A 9 month program of core shamanism infused with Carla's unique Celtic knowledge -  begins January 2018.

Do you want to learn shamanism in a small circle of close friends? Do you want to help all the living beings we cherish - animals, people and our sacred places? I will be teaching my year long program starting January 2018. This will be a combination class. We will meet on the web (or phone) for weekly meetings each month. The fourth meeting will be done two ways: at my house in Phoenix for a live circle, and as a tele/web meeting. The circle at my home will be broadcast on Zoom so everyone can participate. (And if this is clunky, we will just have two meetings that week, one live and one web). The fourth meeting will be done two ways: at my house in Phoenix for a "bonus" live circle, and as a tele/web meeting. The circle at my home will be broadcast on Zoom so everyone can participate. 

Those who can will join us for the BumbleBee retreat in April 5-8, 2018.

We will learn core shamanic techniques for healing ourselves and others - people and animals. The lessons will be flexible enough so that if you want to focus on animal healing, you can. If you want to work with people, you can. I do both every day! I will teach you using the same techniques I use every day in my practice. 

We will have our meetings on a weekday evening, at a time that works for everyone. Every class will be recorded for your review. You will get wonderful handout books for reference and to give you the exact steps we use in class. If you have to miss a meeting you can get it on the recording. 

The classes will build, teaching you healing techniques for all the common situations I see in my practice: chronic and acute illness, soul loss, helping animals and people transition and cross, connecting to the ancestors, working with the Sidhe, deep merging with Spirit Allies, and much more. There will be powerful initiations that will bring your mind, body and soul into alignment with the Spirits who are your true teachers and guides. 

My daily work is grounded in the techniques of Core Shamanism I learned from Micheal Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (beginning in 1986). It has expanded to embrace the mystical worlds of the Celts, my ancestors, who have painstakingly taught me their "signature" techniques: Spiral in Time Healing, Shamanic Soul Gardening, and Dragon Magic. We will introduce you to my signature shamanic practices in the core program. There are masterclasses that go into these in depth, which you can take as they are offered, during or after your core program. 

The core program is 9 months long - 36 meetings over the course of 10 months (because we will be taking a week off here and there for holidays). The class size limit is 8, per "section".  I like to offer one section in the evenings, and one in the daytime. In the past, people have pretty much stayed in one section, but if you need to miss your usual time you can come to the other section. 

I am asking you to commit to the full nine months, so our circle can grow and bond together for the full ride. Each month is $275. You can register by paying for the first and last month ($550). If you want to pay for the whole thing upfront you get one month for free. ($2200) . (Link coming soon)

The class will be limited to 10 people. I am asking you to commit to the full nine months, so our circle can grow and bond together for the full ride. Each month is $275. You can register by paying for the first and last month ($550). If you want to pay for the whole thing upfront you get one month for free. ($2200) . (Link coming soon)

I am so excited to be offering this again. It has been a few years since I offered my Shamanic Certification Course. This course is an updated version of that incorporating new ideas and expanding the scope to helping people as well as animals. I miss the weekly connection with a dedicated circle, and I love the magic that the Spirits grace us with - the incredible healing, the awakenings, and the ongoing encyclopedia of knowledge they impart with each journey. We will all grow immensely! Welcome aboard! 

Schedule and Registration coming soon! 

Journey Circle

A telephone circle for people who know how to journey. It is a time for us to come together and reconnect, and do collective and individual journey work. 

We meet monthly September through May, on ZOOM. You can call in or use the web platform. We usually do a personal journey, and a group journey to explore a topic. Journey circles are Free but we appreciate donations. A $5 donation supports the backend operations.  See the event page for dates, times and the ZOOM information. 

Master Classes



Consciously grow your life in parallel garden powered by your Spirit Allies, Dragons, Fairies and your dreams. 

Personal growth and healing is central on the Shamanic Path. As you connect and communicate with the Compassionate Spirit world, your whole life blooms. The garden is our life map where we assess our truth and grow our dreams. Gentle initiations remove the old and allow the new to grow. The beauty of Spirit will sparkle around you as the Compassionate Guides help you create the life of your dreams. We also create parallel universe gardens for the fairies, where they guide us to support them as they help the world. 

Shamanic Soul Garden is the place for growing what you really want to accomplish in your life: aspirations, healing, personal growth. Here are some of the ways I use the Shamanic Soul Garden. I will teach you these techniques on our Master Class series. 

Growing my own life: The Shamanic Soul Garden is my canvas for reviewing my life, clearing the old debris and creating the life I truly want. I work with the garden all day long, everyday.

Healing people and/or animals: I have a sacred space in the garden where I can bring clients, and the spirits perform all of the usual shamanic techniques in that space: extraction, power retrieval, communication, all the core shamanic techniques that I have used for the last 30 years.

Empowering people to help themselves: Learn to help others create their lives in a Shamanic Garden. I use this technique extensively in my shamanic practice. I teach someone to do a simple shamanic journey, and then we co-journey to create their unique garden. After that they can easily tend the garden on their own. It really is magic. (If you would like to experience this with me, just order a full healing session and let me know that is what you want). 

Dates and registrations coming soon



Dragons are all about the surface between the worlds, and working with spirit to create important changes in our lives. Dragons are profound teachers of the Truth. Dragons give us the strongest seeds for our gardens, but we have to learn how to ask for them with reverence and protocol. Dragons definitely keep it Real. Very few people are Dragon Masters - I am just an apprentice. But we can aspire and learn from a real Dragon Master Spirit about the underlying principles of relationships of all kinds. Yeah - it's big. Really big. 

Dragons rise from the center of the earth to become the interface between realities. They have the power of fury and grace. They can protect us like no other, but we must be impeccable when we work with them. 

The Sword of Sovereignty. For me, working with dragons and with the Sword goes hand in hand. This sword has become my most important shamanic tool. It is formed of pure compassion, and it neutralizes the trauma and suffering that makes us miserable. There is a quest we must take to obtain the sword, and it reveals our truth. I will take you through the path the Spirits have shown me and teach you how to use this Sword to empower your life and heal your clients, and the world. 

Dates and registrations coming soon

Spiral Fractal.jpg


The Spiral in Time was shown to me over many years by my Celtic Ancestor Spirits. The spirals unfold in time, but they are also infinite and they are fully contained inside us. They are like projections of the energy in us, the truth that makes us up. We are doing a healing on the current energetic manifestation, by healing the past, present and future.  

  • The middle spiral is our contemporary life. Today’s little intrusions and issues. It radiates out from our core.
  • The upper spiral is connected to the purest power of our divine origins. It sends the divine power of perfection into the middle and lower spirals, and it provides the grace needed for the healing to happen. It fuels the healing of our present life, our ancestral past, and even the future! 
  • The lower spiral reaches into the stories of our ancestral history. Healing them heals our bones, an amazing process that will blow your mind. 

The lower spiral where most of the shamanic journey work happens in this ceremony. We follow a staircase into the energetic stories of past lives, ancestors and all relations. We ask to see three stories from our ancestors (or our own past). These stories often tell of unhealed traumas and wounds. This trauma continues through the lineage, and is part of our physical and energetic “bones”.  We heal the stories, and set the people free, thus freeing the lineage from the handcuffs of the pain. We are transmuting that stuck energy. This is an amazing process that will blow your mind!

Dates and registrations coming soon

BumbleBee Retreat

2018 dates:  April 5-8  (we gather Thursday evening, April 5, we begin Friday morning, and close Sunday at noon)

I am developing this year's program right now. It will involve deep work with the Sidhe and the Spirits who support us on the ranch. These Spirits are powerful! They fended off a wildfire this spring. They are bringing in lost wandering souls and crossing them to the light. They are organizing Arizona, bringing more circles together, and building our healing power. I will post a blog notice as soon as I have our agenda and theme in order.

Every year we do some hands on work for the ranch horses, and this year we are going to have extra fun -  on Saturday we will be volunteering on the ranch with a large group of special needs kids. I will bring my horses for pony rides.

Hands on Shamanic Equine Bodywork Workshops: Live workshops in Phoenix where you learn to combine shamanic healing with hands on body work, to give horses deep relief physically and emotionally. Really transformative for you and your horse!

Dates and registrations coming soon

Carla Meeske – Your Lead Guide

When you make Shamanism part of your life, you are inviting the Compassionate Spirits to support you, guide you and heal you. I, Carla, will be your facilitator and leader, but your Spirit team is in charge of your personal path to wisdom.

Our classes are dynamic and transformational. I combine my innovation in shamanic work with clear instruction to bring you a remarkable experience, no matter if you are on the phone, in a workshop, or using recorded media. My 10 years of professional educational experience at University of Oregon give my classes structure and clarity, and my extensive experience leading shamanic classes allows me to keep us on track, and at the same time explore the edges of the shamanic dimensions and share our diverse experiences. You will succeed in your quest to experience the wonders of Shamanism. Carla’s Bio