Learn Shamanism for yourself and to help your animal friends.
Let your Soul Bloom!

Your Power Animals, Spirit Teachers and Ancestors have brought you to the gate. Enter and remember who you truly are. Heal your body and soul, and create your life in a compassionate garden that grows in mirrored harmony with your dreams. Learning Shamanism is one of the most powerful things you can do with your beautiful life. 

Begin your Shamanic journey with my free intro class, and then learn all of the basics with my complete on demand course - 9 part series that takes you through the upper and lower worlds, with your power animal and spirit guides, and teaches you to use the shamanic journey to help your animal friends. 

I have been teaching shamanism for over 20 years, and SpiritHealer School has over 100 graduates worldwide from our certification program. I decided to scale back in 2015, and I now offer a monthly community gathering and masterclasses in advanced shamanic techniques. 

I believe that those who are ready should be able receive affordable quality training, and for 10 years I offered that through my school. Now I will be supporting my friend Shoshana Avree who will be offering a three year intensive apprenticeship program beginning in 2017. I get to sit in circle and be a student again (how cool is that), and do the cooking! The group will meet twice a year for a 5 days each session - for 3 years. Six total intensive sessions where you will learn core healing techniques and undergo incredible initiations from your spirit teachers.  This will be a closed group, and will be a lifetime experience with friends you will cherish. More to come as soon as Shoshana has the information to share. 






Most of our classes are telephone/web based, and people come from all over the world. People like you! You can make close friends; people stay in touch year after year.  We have live gatherings too, mostly in Arizona, but sometimes in other locales.

Live Gatherings and Retreats

Our annual retreat at Bumblebee Ranch in Arizona is filled with spirits and friendship, Coming this year equine healing retreats - more coming soon!



Consciously grow your life in parallel garden powered by your Spirit Allies, Dragons, Fairies and your dreams. 

Personal growth and healing is central on the Shamanic Path. As you connect and communicate with the Compassionate Spirit world, your whole life blooms. The garden is our life map where we assess our truth and grow our dreams. Gentle initiations remove the old and allow the new to grow. The beauty of Spirit will sparkle around you as the Compassionate Guides help you create the life of your dreams. We also create parallel universe gardens for the fairies, where they guide us to support them as they help the world. 

I use the Shamanic Soul Garden for everything!  

Growing my own life: The Shamanic Soul Garden is my canvas for reviewing my life, clearing the old debris and creating the life I truly want. I work with the garden all day long, everyday.

Healing animals and people: I have a sacred space in the garden where I can bring clients, and the spirits perform all of the usual shamanic techniques in that space: extraction, power retrieval, communication, all the core shamanic techniques that I have used for the last 30 years.

Empowering people to help themselves: I have one on one sessions with people to grow their own garden and work with the Spirits to create their loves and solve this problems. You can have a garden session with me, just order a full healing session and let me know that is what you want. 

Learn about all our Shamanic Soul Gardening classes and Events


DRAGONS and Dragon Mastery

Dragons are all about the surface between the worlds, and working with spirit to create important changes in our lives. Dragons are profound teachers of the Truth. Dragons give us the strongest seeds for our gardens, but we have to learn how to ask for them with reverence and protocol. Dragons definitely keep it Real. Very few people are Dragon Masters - I am just an apprentice. But we can aspire and learn from a real Dragon Master Spirit about the underlying principles of relationships of all kinds. Yeah - it's big. Really big. 


Hands on Shamanic Equine Bodywork Workshops: Live workshops in Phoenix where you learn to combine shamanic healing with hands on body work, to give horses deep relief physically and emotionally. Really transformative for you and your horse!

Carla Meeske – Your Lead Guide

When you make Shamanism part of your life, you are inviting the Compassionate Spirits to support you, guide you and heal you. I, Carla, will be your facilitator and leader, but your Spirit team is in charge of your personal path to wisdom.

Our classes are dynamic and transformational. I combine my innovation in shamanic work with clear instruction to bring you a remarkable experience, no matter if you are on the phone, in a workshop, or using recorded media. My 10 years of professional educational experience at University of Oregon give my classes structure and clarity, and my extensive experience leading shamanic classes allows me to keep us on track, and at the same time explore the edges of the shamanic dimensions and share our diverse experiences. You will succeed in your quest to experience the wonders of Shamanism. Carla’s Bio