Enter your Garden


Enter your Garden


1 session

Once you know how to journey you are ready to enter your shamanic soul garden, your parallel universe home where you will grow your life and learn to heal your animal friends. Your garden has a meditation area that is your first go-to place, to get answers to questions, and just to enjoy the tranquility and the garden's love.

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 Find your shamanic soul garden (2 hours): 

  • Journey to your favorite, the upper or lower world, and find your gardening space. Meet your master gardener.
  • Ask to be taken to your meditation area in this garden. Ask your master gardener a question, and allow the answer to come to you as it does.


To access this class:

Phone: 1 (415) 762-9988    PIN 587-301-9045

Website: https://www.zoom.us/j/5873019045


Carla Meeske

Phone: 623-776-6922 Cell

Email: carla@spirithealer.com

Website: spirithealer.com