Three Session Series


Three Session Series


Three 60 minute sessions that layer to resolve deep issues. This series is perfect for me to teach you Shamanic Soul Gardening in customized personal sessions. Learn the skills to change your life, customized to you in 3 private sessions. 

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The 3 sessions series allows us to work with various aspects of your situation.  Sometimes we need to address issues layer by layer, and let the work settle in-between shamanic sessions.

"We can’t thank you enough for this!  Both times when we were in crisis, its your sessions that brought us back to hope and positive energy!"

This is often the best approach for personal healing sessions, as we can go into the stories and the layers one part at a time. Sometimes it is the best approach for animal sessions too, especially when dealing with a difficult behavioral issue that is enmeshed in fabric of the household.   You can request to use one of the sessions as a training, to teach you how to journey and connect with your Spirit Allies directly for ongoing healing and support. Or we can devote these session to learning Shamanic Soul Gardening -  the best way I have to help you help yourself. 

Scheduling: When I receive your request I will connect with you to set up our times. Please let me know what days/times you want.

Paying: You can pay for your session through this page using a credit card or your Paypal account.  If you are paying by check or cash, that’s fine too. Just mark it on the checkout.

Call my cell (623-776-6922) at the appointment time. We say hello, have a little chat, then I call you back on a recorded line. When we are complete I upload the MP3 to a server and send you the link.