Course materials:

3 Worlds: Intro to Shamanism Course Manual

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Here is a recording of drumming that you can use for your own journeying outside of the class recordings:


And now for the class! Here are 3 videos, each is about 90 minutes. You will learn to journey into the 3 Spirit Worlds with your Power Animals and Teachers. And you will perform your first Shamanic Mission! Retrieving a Power Animal for a friend. Let me know how you are coming along!

Part 1: Your Sacred Ground in the Middle World, and your Power Animal.

Part 2: The Upper and Lower Worlds, with your Spirit Teachers.

Part 3: Retrieving a Power Animal for a human or animal friend.



Please share your experiences with me. I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you in a SpiritHealer event soon. Welcome to our circle!

Looking for your next step? Our 9 Month Intensive will give you a corse shamanic skills, deep initiations, and group of lifelong friends who are with you all the way!


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