Sacred Roots - Journey to your Ancestral Tree

Welcome to Sacred Roots, Journeying to Your Ancestral Tree. I am so glad you are here. This class is a gift from Grandmother Sunflower, and it is raising consciousness and lifting up our joy. Welcome to the SpiritHealer Circle!

Take your journey to your Ancestral Tree:

Your Next Step

Your Ancestral Tree is filled with magical information for you, to support you in every aspect of your life. It is the gateway into infinite expanse of the non-ordinary reality. Your next step on the SpiritHealer path - Learn to journey into the 3 Spirit realms with your Power Animal and Spirit Teachers with 3 Worlds: Introduction to Shamanism. Join five women in a recorded class on Zoom teleconference - you will journey along with them, and have your own deeply personal experiences.

Begin your Magical Journey, guided by your Spirit's love

  • Learn Shamanic Journeying and explore the 3 Spirit Worlds

  • Meet your Power Animals and your Spirit Teachers

  • Bring healing to others through Power Animal Retrieval

 This 3 part series gives you the foundation to enter all of SpiritHealer School’s classes, including our 9 month intensive. Confidently travel with your Spirit Guides on Shamanic Journeys into the Spirit Realms.   Engage in the mysteries through your own personal shamanic experience! Shamanic journeying will change your world.

  • Three 90 minute video webinar recordings. Journey along with the circle. As they share their journey experiences, you will get context for understanding your own journeys. You are not alone!

  • Beautiful PDF handout with detailed written descriptions.

  • MP3 of drumming that you can use for all your personal journey experiences.

  • This course prepares you for all SpiritHealer’s classes.

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Meet your Spirit Guides

And travel into the 3 Spirit realms with our Video Course.

Three 90 minute video trainings
Beautiful PDF book
20 minute drumming recording
Journey with your Spirits and join the SpiritHealer community

Your tribe is her! Join us for circles and events, and connect with us on our Facebook page. See you soon!