This course is both a training in core Shamanic Healing practices with animals as the subjects, and an overview of the methodology I use to communicate with animals, and Spirits living and on the other side. It will give you solid skills in shamanic journeying, a strong connection with your spirit guides and an amazing portal into the spiritual lives of our animal friends. You will learn animal communication that is similar to telepathic style communication, but goes one step farther. Your spirit teachers will do healing work on the issues revealed, and they may offer advice to the humans as well.

Shamanic Journeying and Animal Communication - 4 sessions

Shamanic Animal communication is actually easier than telepathic. You do not have to clear your mind - in fact it is the opposite! We journey using our open imagination, and invite the spirit of the animal into our journey space. Once we have spirit to spirit connection, animal communication flows. It’s a dialog where the animal fluidly imparts information as we ask questions. Our Spirit Teams augment and confirm what we receive.

We begin by ensure everyone is able to easily journey with their Power Animal, using the Sacred Tree as our home base. We will form a Spirit Team that will make the connection to the client, and will help you immensely with the whole process. You will gain confidence in your journeying skills, and you will be delighted with your Animal Communication capability!

This section is all about our learning to use the important shamanic skill of merging, and the skill of allowing our Spirit Guides to guide our process and and inform us. In this section we will focus on communicating with living animals (our last section focuses on crossed over animals) You will have lots of experience journeying to each other animals and to shelter animals. Your confidence will grow strong. Shamanism is about healing - fixing the issues that we find.  We will prepare for the second section by learning to retrieve a Power Animal for a client, and by standing witness to a healing where our Spirit Team does the magical work to resolve the issues they find. 

  1. Setting the shamanic stage: Journeying to our sacred circle. Meeting our Spirits. Connecting with a friend’s animal.

  2. Animal Communication common requests: Spirit Allies are secret to Shamanic Animal Communication. You are part of a team. Allow your Spirit Allies to take the ball and lead the sessions. We will cover some common situations and get experience with the process. 

  3. Animal’s Relationships: Animals live in communities with us. Today we will expand the circle to include the people and other household animals. We will explore the web between them, and get answers to relationship questions. 

  4. Standing witness to a healing: We have heard a lot of stories - now lets ask the Spirits to fix some problems, and see what happens!

Core Shamanic Healing for Animals - 4 sessions

Diagnostics, Extraction, Power Infusion - this is what Shamanic Healing is all about!  We will learn about it by standing witness as the Spirit Allies perform their work. Being the bridge that allows the Spirits to help the animal. Much of the diagnostic work will be familiar to you from our first section. We will quickly cover extraction and transmutation, which are huge skills, but pretty simple to execute in most situations. We will spend more time on Power Infusion. This is the heart and soul of Shamanic practice. We will cover many kinds of power infusion, including Soul Retrieval for Animals. 

  1. What is Shamanic Healing? How does it work? We will start with Diagnosis, and then of course standing witness to the whole healing (it can go fast!) 

  2. Standing witness, and paying close attention to the extraction and transmutation parts of the process. This is very important as a teaching about the nature of illness, and the universe. 

  3. Power Infusion. Now we will focus on the Power Infusion part of a Shamanic healing, and learn about it. Crystals, light energy, plant spirits, the list is infinite. The Spirit know what is needed, and we get to learn about the beauty and power of the world in the process. 

  4. Soul Retrieval for Animals: Soul loss happens the animal undergoes trauma or stress. We need to be whole to be healthy. Soul Retrieval is perhaps the most important of all the powers we retrieve!

Animals and the Afterlife - 4 sessions

As we animal lovers know, they don’t live long enough, and surrendering them to Spirit is so so hard! It so important to know where they are going, and with whom, and to ensure that the time is right for that crossing. So often we send a piece of ourselves with them. In this section you will explore the afterlife with animals, you will retrieve power for the person left behind, and you will have a 360 view of the world we come from, and return to.

  1. AC with an animal on the other side: We will learn to use the bridge and the animals spirit team to facilitate this communication and healing ceremony.

  2. Spirit tribes: Connecting animals to the tribes they will return to is never premature! It is empowering and sweet for animals in every life stage. It is especially important at the ned of life, because this is where the spirit will be going at some point after transition. Tribal knowledge is a gift that makes the whole process way easier for the person left behind.

  3. Preparing for crossing: Bringing in the team, and creating sacred ceremony for the whole process.

  4. Closing ceremony: Grandmother Sunflower will have something special for us to bring our circle to competition, and set the stage for our next level of exploration!


The course is on the internet in our classroom on ZOOM. Each session is 2 hours. We meet weekly for 12 weeks. All classes are recorded. You will likely be getting together in between sessions to do journey’s and communications for each other. Practice practice practice!