Supporting the Cause

Supporting the Cause

Journey Circle to support clean elections: OUR WORK MATTERS! A large group of us had very similar visions of supernatural beings supporting the work to bring Harmony and Balance back into our chaotic world. We are adding our Shamanic Power to support the Front Lines. And after the call quite a few people went back to canvasing and working the polls.

KEEP IT UP! Power on Light Souls Power on!

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Cats with IBD: a recipe for healing



Timmy has IBD. I wanted to share my recipe for his well being, which works! Many thanks to my vet, Dr Bill Petersen in Phoenix. This regime controls the symptoms really well. He almost never vomits, and his poo is even keel. He still yells, but he has structural issues that cause him some pain - he is old, bless his heart. And he needs to make sure we can hear him, after all we must be deaf too, don't cha know. 


I give Timmy ¼ pill morning and night of metronitozole (Fish Zole) wrapped in Tomlyn pill mask:

 I get from  Allivet

I get from Allivet


I figured out that Timmy was allergic to the Wellness Canned Chicken Diet he had eaten for years. (I suspect it is the chicken). Many older cats cannot tolerate poultry, as it turns out. I switched to this raw diet and have never looked back! 

Timmy Food:

2 lb 85% lean ground beef

1 lb ground pork

2 lb ground tilapia ( I cut it into pieces and then put it in my blender)

Fur Cat Premix power  (the package tells you how much to add)

I freeze baggies (about ¼ to ⅓ lb ) of this, and I add about ¼ cup canned pumpkin to each baggie before serving. The pumpkin doesn’t freeze well in the mix so I add it each day to the defrosted baggie. You may not need the pumpkin. Timmy needs the fiber for motility. I have to add 1 teaspoon of Miralax to his baggie as well, because he doesn’t have the strength in the rear end to push out poo. BTW, he has a HandiCat box with horse stall shavings - works great!! 

  Baker Sheet Pan from Amazon  .   Pee pads from Costco. Shavings from the horse supply store.  Easy to totally clean and change daily. 

Baker Sheet Pan from Amazon .   Pee pads from Costco. Shavings from the horse supply store.  Easy to totally clean and change daily. 



Connected Flow Meditation

Connected Flow Meditation

I use an energy in my equine body work that I call Connected Flow. This is the power of the creative life force present in the world around us. When I work on horses I merge with my ancestral tree, and I see its branches and leaves caressing the horse, while its deep roots clear and empower the horse, and me. I also connect to the energy of the ocean as its gentle waves roll up onto the sand, absorb, and then wash back to sea. This post has a recorded meditation you can use to merge with the Connected Flow.

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New Classes and Events!

New Classes and Events!

So much to share - the Fall/Winter calendar is live. You can register for classes, and put down the dates for journey circle on your planner. I am so looking forward to connecting with you. 

I will be offering my Full Circle Training Program starting in January.  There is a new intro 3 part class that goes deep, to get you started. I will be adding a 3 part class on working with the Sidhe in November. Lots of good things are happening. See these two pages: Events and Learn Shamanism

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Stem Cells and Soul Retrieval

Stem Cells and Soul Retrieval

Modern medicine is opening the door to the creative life force of our stem cells. The research is ongoing, and I will be following it as best I can. What intrigues me most is the perspective it gives me on shamanic soul retrieval. 

Medical doctors in regenerative medicine are using the creative power of our stem cells to heal intractable conditions. Grandmother Sunflower has told me repeatedly that modern medicine was on the cusp of a breakthrough that would change the world. This is exciting! 

My story is about the interface of this knowledge and the practice of soul retrieval. A new chapter has opened for me, and I am excited to share it with you. 

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Physician's Roundtable

I will be presenting at the Physician's Roundtable Conference in Orlando on June 3. My topic is Modern Medicine and Modern Shamanism, and I will be discussing soul loss and chronic illness. Come join us if you are in the area. Here are my handout notes for the event:

Family Power Animals Workshop


I am participating in the Spirit Animal Telesummit, and I invite you to join us. I did the first of two sessions last week, and you can listen to it here. The recording is free through Sunday May 7th:

Thursday, May 11 I will be doing a follow up workshop for the telesummit subscribers. You can get the specifics from the telesummit website (lest I put the wrong info here and confuse everyone - who me?)  This is a full on shamanic workshop where we go deeper into our connection with the Family Power Animal. We will learn about our sacred connections to the Spirit Animal and our physical animal community, and ask for healing and guidance - of course!

In the first session I talked about the Power Animals that are our family overseers - the Power Animals who guide and direct our collective family. An amazing white mare has been instrumental in connecting me to my family of Icelandic horses, and it is because of her determination that my little family herd lives in my yard, and completes my life.

We did a guided journey, to allow you to connect to a family power animal who supports you and your animal companions, as a family. The feed back from listeners was fantastic. You can experience this journey for yourself through the recording.

This telesummit has wonderful Shamanic people sharing their wisdom about Power Animals, and I know that you will love all the recordings. So have a look, and if you would like to join the workshop on Thursday, register for the entire series. Get all the recordings, and access to my workshop. 

See you there!