2013 - Thank you!

Its only been seven months since I decided to make my website modern.May 2013 I hired a developer and dug into building a responsive site that had all the features I need to make SpiritHealer school a wonderful home for us cyber shaman animal lovers. Its only been six months, but it feels like years!

SpiritHealer has a sharp modern look and more features than I have begun to explore. I am especially jazzed with our on-line learning center for our classes. When you register for a class you have access to it all your materials in one place. How amazing.

As I built out the learning center I realized that the intro series needed a major overhaul. So I plunged in and built out 9 separate classes, each with its own book and class video and/or audio recording. Thanks to a sweet group of helpful people who did sample classes with me, we have a really nice on demand version of the Intro Series. It is much more complete, giving an in depth foundation in shamanic journeying and introducing them to their core team of Spirits. Power on!

Our qualified healers have a directory that they themselves can edit (love that!)

The blog has fresh categories, including Case Studies from the healing clinic, from forms that people fill out on the site. Automation rocks.

I've learned how to make separate pages to highlight each offering. Now it is easy for someone to know whats in a class and why they might like it.

The site is integrated with MailChimp and social media. WooHoo! Every step of automation is a huge victory.

It hasn't been a straight road. The follow up emails broke. The Events didn't interface with the rest of the product catalog. I have at times been completely bamboozled by the layers of logic that I must painstakingly follow, or else! The good news is that a website is not a mystery. It is just a tangled knot of if/then statements. Lots of wild hairs remain. Every day is an adventure.

The most amazing thing about the 7 months is that it was really more like 4. I was sidelined by a major car wreck for 2 months, and I took one month off for retreats and family. Amazing.

Now I can get back to my favorite thing. Creating new material to share, working with the Spirits to birth new ceremony, new techniques. New ways to bring the oldest knowledge on earth into the modern age. I am looking forward to doing healing sessions with you and your animals that will take me into new dimensions and we bring you the healing you seek.

I love this job, and I love you for allowing me to be on this path and make a living. Thank you. Happy New Year!