Shamanic Soul Gardening

Beginning January 2016, Shamanic Soul Gardening will become the central theme in my shamanic practice. Our workshops will take experienced or new people into the garden, and teach them everything that Spirit has shown me about creating a parallel world of pure beauty, that becomes your life in ordinary reality. 

I have been working in the garden pretty much exclusively now for about 2 years, and my life has really transformed. I have created new ways of making a living, for one - yes, shamanism still supports me, but it isn't alone on the job! My relationships have become easier and more fulfilling.  My connection to spirit is in a steady state flow. My shamanic healing sessions are move vibrant, and I am helping others reach their dreams. But most important, there is an underlying feeling of well being woven through my day. This is nice. Really nice. 

Spirit has made it clear that my job as a shamanic person is to share Shamanic Soul Gardening. They taught it to me as asacred space for my healing practice for others -  a place where nature merges with the client and through her natural flow, heals the client of whatever bothers them. Metaphorical and beautiful -  and fun. Then the spirits expanded the garden into a parallel place of self healing and life development. Fabulous! Then they showed my how to bring clients into their own gardens, so that they can get direction and healing from spirit in a clearly defined Shamanic space -  wonderful for people who are not experienced shamanic journeyers, but who want to heal themselves in an ongoing way. Incredible!

Classes begin mid January 2016. I will send a newsletter with all the dates in a day or two. Right now we are in the process of switching website providers -  so things are nutty on the website - but we will be up and running smoothly by Jan 1, 2016. Happy New Year!