Tanzania here I come!


I am going on the trip of a lifetime to Tanzania to see all those wonderful animals. I really don't even know what is coming - except that Gail Peeler says it is the best trip EVER. To prepare I have been watching lots of nature documentaries on the Serengeti .  

I am most excited about experiencing the spirits of the place, the Soul Garden aspect of the land and its residents. I will do lots of journeying and connecting while I am there, and try to chronicle it into blog posts - which will be delivered upon my return. There being no internet when you are in a safari tent camp. :-)


And speaking of no internet, I won't be doing sessions, or even answering email until Feb 11, 2016. If you need anything while I am gone, contact my assistant, Lindy. Lindy Egan <lnegan90@yahoo.com>

I am so looking forward to sharing the magic with you!