Divine Courage - NOW!


Man alive has this been a challenging month. I, like many of you, have been working through the emotional stages after the election. Like everyone I feel that I must take action, now! But what? 

I have journeyed, of course, and I am getting an action plan from Spirit. But the most Important thing is this - STOP BEING AFRAID! Your fear feeds the beast. Stop it. Cut the cord to your own regret, fear and anger. Replace it with compassionate power, aligned with your guides and divine perfection.

The importance of shedding fear cannot be overstated. Fear Feeds The Dark Lord. For proof, here is a quote from Steve Bannon from a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter

"Darkness is good," says Bannon, .... "Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That's power. It only helps us when they" — I (the reporter) believe by "they" he means liberals and the media, already promoting calls for his ouster — "get it wrong. When they're blind to who we are and what we're doing."

Shamanic practitioners MUST be in a place of divine courage to be effective, especially when we are working to clear nasty crap. We know that. Lets live it. 

Journey Circle on Tuesday the week after thanksgiving. We will cut our cords to our fearful, regretful selves and bring in POWER to fill us with divine courage. And then we will journey for a mission to take action here on earth, in ordinary reality, to further the cause of freedom, a healthy planet, and all the other things we cherish. Most of you are already doing this - our circle will build upon your incredible work, to make a collective force of love and power. 

And then we will Fight! With the sword of divine compassion and the Spirits wisdom guiding our paths. Bless you and see you on the 29th.