Recording of Journey Circle: Spirits help us understand

Here is the recording of the Nov 29, 2016 Journey Circle. The Trump victory has kicked us into full attention. We gathered as a circle, 19 strong, to ask the Spirits for their perspective, and to learn what we can do. We got personal direction and a collective vision. No fear. Stay in the light. Stand up and be impeccable in the truth. Envision the earth in balance, people acting with compassion and kindness, societies moving toward peace. DO what needs to be done.

We also got direct healing from Spirit to help us down the path. I have to say that my energy has shifted overnight! Just this morning I have found some common ground with people on the other side of the ballot to defend our environment. 

May we each become the torch that radiates compassionate - but determined - light. To help each of us do that, I will be offering a workshop next Monday evening, December 5th:

Soul Gardening for Action and Purpose

  • Monday, December 5, 2016
  • 5:30pm  7:30pm

Shamanic Soul Gardening a wonderful technique for helping us work with Spirit to create our lives and inspire our actions. In this 2 hour workshop we will create our own personal soul garden to help us move forward with the plans we developed in our Journey Circle. Most of us will be working on something we care about in world we live in, but please feel welcome to use this session to create a nurturing garden in non-ordinary reality to support your own private life. You do not need to have experience in Shamanic Soul Gardening for this workshop. For more information on Shamanic Soul Gardening and how it works see: soul-gardening