Amber Keeps her Word

Amber keeps her word to the tee!

This is the story of a brilliant cat named Carlita, who captured the hearts of Kathryn and Eric. And it is a testimony to our incredible Spirit Guide Amber, who shares her compassion and love with every cat (and person) I bring to her. There are cats who are Spirit Messengers, and this is one. 

Carlita, an hour after she first followed Eric and Kathryn home

Carlita, an hour after she first followed Eric and Kathryn home

Last Spring, I did a session for a couple living in Germany who had been smitten with a street cat while vacationing in the Canary Islands. Carlita, only 5 months old, followed Kathryn and her husband home, and became family. Near the end of their stay, Kathryn asked me to do a session to see if they should adopt Carlita. Does she want that? How will it be for her if we don’t? Will she be happy in Germany if we do? 

I quickly connected with Carlita. She said she was confused - she did not intend for you to think that she would be going home with you. I saw a flow of images: Carlita hustling tourists, and her happiness doing that. A woman who feeds her, but the woman is not super attached. I told Kathryn “If you were to take the cat, it would not be awful for the woman. The woman would just shrug.”

I asked, “Carlita, if you were to be adopted, you would have several weeks of ordeal, it requires a rabies vaccine and being in a kennel three weeks, till you could travel to Germany and be reunited with Kathryn and Eric. But in your new place, you would be in a completely different world and life, with love, love, love all the time. 

She asked, “No danger?”  I said there is always danger, but it would be much reduced. 

“No birds coming at me?”  I said there would be no swooping birds trying to peck her. 

Carlita said, “I don’t think so”. 

I then asked Amber, my sacred Spirit teacher who loves cats, for her advice.  Amber said, “You should remember her like a summer love. The Spirits look out for her, and she is very smart. She gets out of the way of the dangerous dogs, and she is well liked as part of the community. She makes a good living and she is well cared for. She feels your love for her and she embraces you. She has opened your heart.”

Amber showed me more images of Carlita making love to a tourist, and then going home to her Mamma. 

Kathryn then asked if they should have Carlita spayed, and Amber replied, “She should be spayed, she will not regret that. It will make her life easier. And even though it is hard to say this, you should leave her there. She will have no problem.” 

I described to Carlita how she would be cared for after her surgery, and then she will be released back to where she belongs. 

Amber said to Kathryn, “You are offering a blessing to her, and Carlita says ok! This is your service to her. You are doing a beautiful job. This is your reciprocity, your gift back to her.” Amber showed me angels protecting her. 

I asked, “Please, Amber, help her have a blessed and safe life”. Amber said she would. 

My closing thoughts on the session were: “If you decided to adopt her it would be fine. But she will also be okay without you. Either way will work out. It is not like you have to. She will be fine where she is. If you adopt her that will be fine too. You are giving her a better life by getting her spayed.”

Kathryn contacted me again in August 2016 and, to my delight, she shared the following:  

Eric's farewell with Carlita, their last eye contact before he left.

Eric's farewell with Carlita, their last eye contact before he left.

Do you remember the session you did for us with Carlita when we were on vacation? After I left the island, my husband had Carlita spayed, he cared for her the days after and then he returned home without her.  He had taken farewell pictures of her, and when he showed them to me, I said, “You miss Carlita, don’t you?” A tear ran down his cheek.  I said, “You know what?  I can go back and get her. If the rental house there is still free, we can wait for the rabies shot to work, she won’t have to stay in the kennel and then I can bring her back.” He said, “We can’t do that”, and I said, “Why not? All we have to do is decide, ‘Yes!’ ” I checked and the house was still free. We said, ‘yes!’  And I went. And you know what? 

Amber did exactly what she promised.  She guided Carlita to where food was. I also communicated to her where she could get food for the two days, until I could get back. Amber showed her a person who would take care of her until I could get back to her. And it was as you said, it would not have been necessary for us to adopt her. Carlita found the most wonderful person there to have stayed with. Probably the only person in the village who would have taken a cat to a veterinary. Here is the whole story:

I got back to the island and didn’t find Carlita for three days. I went into action and started distributing multi-lingual (German, Spanish, English) flyers everywhere in the village and talking to people.  I had just one last flyer left in my hand, it was dark, I was at the top of the hill, at the end of our street, when a car pulled in to park. A young woman got out of the car… 

I asked, “Do you speak English?


“I am looking for a cat, have you seen this cat?”

She looked at the flyer, then into my eyes and she said, “I think I have your cat here.” And she opened the back door of her car, took out a crate, and there was Carlita!

 The young woman said, “She followed me home and I thought she must belong to somebody. So I fed her and took her to the vet to see if she belongs to somebody.”

And of course it was the last flyer! If it had been a minute later, she would have been in her home and we would have missed one another. I still get goose bumps when I think of how Amber took care of everything.  Amber is really amazing! She keeps her word to the tee.”

Carlita during her waiting time, before moving there Germany

Carlita during her waiting time, before moving there Germany