Moonstairs on the Super Moon

MOONSTAIRS. Copyright David Spangler and Jeremy Berg. From the  Card Deck of the Sidhe  

MOONSTAIRS. Copyright David Spangler and Jeremy Berg. From the Card Deck of the Sidhe 

This is the time of our super moon. Last night she was just stunning, with a huge glowing circle around her here in Phoenix. This morning I asked the Sidhe how to come back into my heart  and reclaim my power and light. This is the card I pulled from the Card Deck of the Sidhe, a fantastic deck that you can give for the holiday - just saying. I worked with the artist, Jeremy Berg, at the Fairy Congress this summer. His first teaching was that you can get what you need from the card without reading his interpretation. The Sidhe communicate to you through the image. You get what you need. I see three things that are so powerful for me

The staircase to the moon. Last night as I sang to her, and thanked her for all the blessings, and asked her to come into me and renew me, I felt as though there was a connection directly into my heart, just like this staircase

The spiral - my core symbol. The labyrinth I use for my workshops and personal ceremonies. The stone path in my back yard. The teaching for complete healing and renewal that he Spirits have been sharing with me for 15 years. This one has flowers, the sweetness and beauty of earth's bounty and love. 

The three standing stones. This summer I was pulled into a sandstone wall at Lake Powell, where I met a Dine shaman spirit who showed me the three stones, and gave me lessons about them. These lessons describe today's political environment (read about them in the blog post). Now I will step into the third stone's power: the beauty of the plant growing in the crack of the stone - totally quiet as the wind and the water whirl around, feeding the flower, and energizing all the life on earth.

I trust the Spirits. They have this. I will follow the Moonstairs and be quiet in my heart.