Joe Meets his Spirit Tribe

Joe is an elderly horse with chronic pain, who is reaching the end of his days. His Mom asked me to help them, both with the pain, and with the transition. This excerpt from the session describes the Spirit Herd coming to Joe, reconnecting him into the tribe, and showing him where he will be going. 

“All right”, Kay says, “We are ready to talk about things”. He calls out to the herd in the way that he does. Using a horn, he sings to call the herd of (spirit) horses in. The herd comes and stands, magnificent around Joe. It is interesting, there are appaloosas in this herd. They are not the only ones. There are a lot of different horses, but I am seeing a lineage of Appaloosa. And then a mare comes up. She is dark. Her eyes are beautiful and liquid. She is a dark bay. She nuzzles Joe and she offers him her teat for milk. He begins to suckle on her. As he does this the herd nuzzles him. They breath their breath into him. I see his bones growing older and his body becoming nothing. I see his soul turning and embracing you, and then pushing you back to make you stay, and it going with the herd, running along side his mother again. Kay says, “This is as it will be”.

I have seen many sessions like this, where the spirit tribe comes in and reconnects with the animal, as though the animal were being reborn into spirit. I love it! And I know that it brings comfort to the animal and humans left behind.