Circle of Life - The Great Migration

I was recently in Tanzania, a trip of a life time which I highly recommend. Before we entered the Serengeti I journeyed to meet the local Spirits and honor them, and to see if I could meet a guide to show me the parallel energy of this land. 

I began in my sacred soul garden with my Spirit friends, and invited the spirits of the local land to join us there. A dark figure came in, with a deeply shadowed head. I was thinking he would be a warrior from a resident tribe, and I was bracing myself as they can be intimidating -  but as he stepped into the fire light I saw he was a wildebeest! He said he would protect me and introduce me around. Power animals are so delightful. I merged with him and we explored the land I would be visiting the next day. I left offerings of gratitude in the places that seemed especially sacred. 

Our tour group traveled to the Serengeti the next day, rumbling along in our trio of jeeps. The land surrounding the park is heavily grazed by the Maasi’s and their livestock, with occasional gazelles, were the only animals we saw, until we reached the edge of a dark studded circle - the great migration of wildebeests and zebras, joined with bands of gazelles. The wildebeest were everywhere, scrambling across the roads in front of us, shaking their huge heads in defiance. The zebra’s mingle with the herd in small family bands. Together they are like the stars, floating across the sky of grassy plains. 

By the time we reached the entrance gate we were in the middle of the herd. As far as the eye can see, to the horizon in all directions, the land was studded with black forms. Millions of animals, moving together like a huge school of fish, finding the tender new shoots of grass, and preparing to birth their babies. The zebra’s had foaled out already, and babies were bouncing along with their small families. But the wildebeest were waiting for the perfect time, when the babies will be born in unison. 


It was not easy to stay connected in a shamanic state of consciousness while we were rollicking down the road, but I tried my best, and I did have an energetic association that connected into my emotional center. 

Jackals, hyenas and cats mingled with the herd, and the sky was dotted with carrion eating birds.The gazelle babies were a hot target. We saw National Geographic style action. Life comes and life goes. In the energy of the circle it feels like the natural flow, especially when I connected with the spirit of the wildebeest power animal. This was the first gift from wildebeest. The babies who come, and the animals who go, are just changing form - the herd is a flowing entity of spirit that flashes into life and darkness like the sparkle of the fire fly’s tail. That doesn’t change the pain for the mother when her baby is snagged, but the drama is momentary, and the flow absorbs the grief.

In my shamanic practice, the Spirits often bring me clusters of clients with similar issues, so that I can learn a broader lesson about that issue while I am helping each person. Since I have returned home I have been asked to help people with animals who are leaving. It feels very different now. And as I conclude this note - the coyotes are howling out my window.