Que Sera Sera

Robin rescues cats and Genesis was one survivor who Robin adopted as a kitten. She has been raised in a loving environment and is now an adult, but she does NOT allow humans to touch her not even Robin. What is the problem!?

The Healing: Genesis comes to the Healing Circle with aplomb. She sits regally in the center. She shows me herself in a past life. I see in her place a beautiful and giant Lioness! I feel her presence - Lioness is a masterful hunter, she is WILD, she is proud. She is a Queen. Genesis then shows me her home and it feels to be her 'Realm'. She tells me she is WILD again and is proud of who she is. She has no problem with the people in her life, and appreciates their service & Robin's care, and that she is very happy with the way things are. and especially with her self. In this journey there was no 'healing' but more a soul speaking its truth. What a cool cat!