Fidla, Shamanic Horse Therapist

Fidla offers a level of shamanic healing that goes beyond what I can do. She facilitates a person's own process, and gently clears away their "issues", supporting them with love the whole way. 

Today a Lady came to my house for a deep clearing and healing. She had old cords and fresh wounds, and she wanted to be done with all of them! We did a long cord cutting ceremony, and retrieved her original soul light from the stars, from the fairies, and from her own life memories. It was beautiful, but there was a nagging thing that she still felt, and that I clearly saw. I asked Grandmother Sunflower what to do next, and she said that the Lady had to reach into that place and release that clinging thing herself, but that the Compassionate spirits were going to help her, and that she would be free of it! It wasn't something I could do for her, she had to figure it out and let it go. 

I really understand that Shamanic work is not all about receiving, and that to accomplish a deep clearing we have to get in and shovel, so I wasn't surprised. But this Lady wanted to Get It Done, and I completely understood. I asked, "Do you like horses?" "Yes!"

We walked the meditation spiral in my back yard, and then went to visit the Icelandics. All three of them are lovely, but Fidla is extra special. She immediately bonded with the Lady, nuzzling her and following her around. I asked, "Would you like to ride?" "Yes!" 

I dressed Fidla in her sheepskin pad, and led her to the mounting block. The lady easily got on, and held tight to Fidla's mane. We walked slowly, and Filda took each step with incredible care, as though she were carrying a box of baby chicks. Soon the Lady felt more relaxed. I asked her to feel her spine reaching down and melting into Fidla's back, and then to feel Fidla's energy coming back up through her body. That was easy! Next I asked her to connect to Fidla's heart and see what the mare was feeling. "Calm, happy, stress free". Good! Now for the fun - I asked her to reconnect again, and this time to ask Filda to carry away all of the trauma and suffering that she wanted to release, and to stamp it into ground with her feet.

I led them around for about 2 minutes, and then I felt a swoosh of energy come through the lead line. I saw a dark energetic something leave Fidla and felt a huge wave of relief. The Lady said, "Its gone!" Yes!" She realized what she was holding onto, and she asked Fidla to help her with it. And with that she was cleared. 

I am blessed to have Filda in my life. If you are in Phoenix and would like a session with this incredible mare, let me know. She is here as gift to us all.