Kaboom! The fairies have joined the circle

We had our 7th annual retreat at Bumble Bee ranch 2 weeks ago. It was the most amazing yet. There were so many big stories, but the most impressive was the giant storm cell that opened up when we asked the Fairies to join the circle. There were 10 of us in circle, and I was leading the opening journey. We were doing a long journey to reconnect with our shamanic soul gardens. Because there are a lot of steps involved, I was guiding the journey by reminding people of the steps as we went along. 

We began by going into the centers of our gardens, and bringing our individual gardens into a merged state with our collective garden, and the sacred ground of Bumble Bee Ranch. I called in the spirits one direction at a time. We were all deeply engaged in the process, eyes closed, drum beating. Then I called our attention to the Dragon Egg in the center of the circle, and I opened the Fairy Well, old school. As above so below, as within so without, I call all the compassionate spirits from this circle, from all our circle that we have every worked in, from all our lands, to join the Fairies of this land here, Fairies I request please that you stand in circle with us - - KABOOM!! Thunder blasted and lighting struck. The ground shook for miles. We kept on journeying. We met our Power Tree and merged with it, and stood up and danced! The storm pounded down hail, with fierce wind. It was fantastic! Mind you, we had not had any rain for 72 days. The land was parched. 

Now granted, it was forecast to be a wet weekend, and the sky had clouds and a stormy feel. But Kelly the ranch manager said that storm cell had come fast from no where and caught everyone by surprise. People were racing for cover. It was duck and run! 

Cue Fairies, Cue Thunder! It was the best way to start off the weekend I can imagine!  More stories to come.