The Three Stones - lessons from a Dine spirit teacher.

This story is so important in my practice! I originally wrote it in 2017 - little did I know that my dear friend Donna was herself about to pass. Today is her birthday. We love you Donna!

Every once in a while nature opens a portal into the spirit world and we get an unexpected direct revelation. I recently had one of those magic moments. I was on a Lake Powell tour boat going to Rainbow Bridge, with my friend who has recently lost her husband. She wanted to come back and honor him, and remember all the fantastic times they had there. I looked out the stern at the rocks, when the face of the rock started to shimmer. As we went away from it, the rock face moved toward me, drawing me in. It was one of those here we go moments, and so I just closed my eyes and let the journey take me through that portal into the spirit world.


I entered into a room where there was a Navaho man making a sand painting. He welcomed me and asked me to call him Uncle. The room had an opening to the east, and there was a distinct white line around the perimeter, like a round vase. The sand painting was in the center. He asked me if I knew who the first people were. I didn't - he said " The stars, The star people are the first people. They made this earth, and the rocks here are the earth's up stretched arms to the star people, expressing gratitude to them and honoring them. That is why these standing rocks are so sacred. 

I noticed that the east was the door way, and the other directions did not have portals. I asked about this, and uncle said, "Yes the east is the entrance, but there are three stones and that are important as well. You will learn about them". He showed them to me, laid out on the ground like a trigram from the I Ching. Three long and strong rocks, in parallel lines. My ordinary world at that point interjected and I had to open my eyes, but I promised to come back soon. 

Back in the present on the boat, I asked our Dine tour guide about the peoples stories around Rainbow Bridge. Was there anything about three beings? She said, Yes, there are three spirits. People think of the them like angels. But she didn't know any stories.

Three angels! Very interesting. 

The boat landed and we went on the walk to the bridge. My friend and I did ceremony to honor her late husband, who loved this place very much. It was moving and filled with spirit. Then e started back. As we passed the portal, I closed my eyes and went back in - time to learn.

Uncle welcomed me back and said "Now I will tell you of the three stones. The first is the rock. Strong. Solid. impervious. It stands as the wind and the rain whip around it. The second is the wind and water. It is action and movement. Destructive and creative, always moving, sometimes softly and sometimes violently. The third is the seed of green life that grows in the crack of the rock, fed by the energy, supported by the stone. This is the stone of life coming forth our of chaotic power, holding harmony and beauty in its entire being. Be like this stone. That is the stone you should follow as you lead your life. That is how to be in beauty, and how to be an example for others in your community. Always be this stone, the one that grows from the solid earth and energetic sky."

I am very grateful, and am trying my best to follow his words.