Skinny and wounded, but alive! The Spirits bring Austin home.

"After 5 weeks we got him back, I am still in disbelief.... I do not know what made him come out and ask for help but if it was Grandmother Sunflower and Bird I am an absolute believer."

Miraculous! On August 22, 2016 Darcy contacted me to help her find her kitty, Austin. I had no idea that he had been gone 5 weeks. I just begged Grandmother Sunflower, Bird and the Spirits to reunite Austin with his mom, if possible. The results make me teary eyed with joy. Austin came out of hiding the morning of the 25th, skinny and wounded, but ALIVE!  What a blessing and affirmation. Here is our email exchange - you can see how amazing this is!

Aug 22: Hi Carla, I saw your website and watched a You Tube video you made. I was wondering if you can help us. Our beloved cat is missing. Would you able to try to make contact with him? Darcy. 

Hi Darcy - I am happy to help. I do not charge for lost animals. I do my best, and pray it works. Please tell where you live and your cats name and description. Hugs. C

His name is Austin. He is a little over 13 years old. I have had him since he was around than 2 weeks old and bottle raised him. He is all black, even the pads on his feet and his whiskers.  We live in a housing subdivision that has 265 houses that is pretty quiet. Beside our home is an unpaved alley about 30 feet wide ... .etc.   Darcy.

I did the journey in the evening Aug 22, and I begged Grandmother Sunflower for help. The next day Austin still was't home and Darcy asked me if I had connected with him. I explained: 

Aug 23: Hi Darcy. I did indeed receive and I journeyed last night to ask the compassionate spirits to guide him home. If it is at all possible. And to help you in every way they can. This is how I work with lost animals. It is very "hands off" but it has been extremely effective. Because it is so hands off - because I don't receive direct information - I do not charge for it. I just pray it works!! ..... I have again asked Grandmother Sunflower to help you and I have asked the bird to guide him home. And to protect him. Please look under everything close to you. They go under when they are injured. Love!!!

On the morning of Aug 25 I received this note from Darcy!

Thank you Carla for your help and kindness. Last week we had yet another sighting of another black cat (there are many around this town!) by a woman who lives about 5 blocks from here. I kept going over there every night hoping to see the cat but he/she stayed hidden each time and nothing would bring it out. I had told her no matter if it was my cat or not I wanted to help it since it appeared injured the one time she had seen it. This morning, the woman called me and said this cat who had never allowed her to even look at it came up and let her pet him. She immediately called me and asked if I could come catch and help it. I drove right over and ended up catching this cat that clearly didn't know me at all. He had tried to run back under the house as I approached. I took him to the vet and on the way in the car I heard him cry and knew he sounded like my boy Austin. He was a skeleton and was covered with many healing injuries and very dirty. A scan at the vet's office confirmed he was my baby. After 5 weeks we got him back, I am still in disbelief. He has a long way to go to recover. I do not know what made him come out and ask for help but if it was grandmother sunflower and bird I am an absolute believer.

Thanks again,


OMG I AM A BELIEVER TOO! And I never doubted. Honestly. this is the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!