Soul Retrieval in Times of Trauma


The Las Vegas shooting prompted me to record a ceremony for soul recovery. This ceremony will help you recover your own soul parts, and can help restore the soul power of the thousands whose lives are shattered by this terrorist's tirade. 

It will be broadcast tomorrow on my radio show, and I share it here with you now. 

For us shamans, there is more to do. The fomorians are raging. When I journeyed to the event I heard the roar of the dark forces as they whipped through the crowd. It was really like the terrorist was caught up in a storm of chaos and destruction. It was very nasty sounding and feeling. The compassionate spirits sent me there (under great protection) to begin the soul restoration process for the survivors. I was aware of other shamanic people doing psychopomp (escorting the dead) - thank you! I expect that effort will be ongoing for some time. As more people become skilled in shamanism, the workload is shared. Again, thank you. 

The Society for Shamanic Practice has called for a group intention tonight:

Join in this evening at 7PM Mountain Time and let’s do some collective work to help all those connected to the Las Vegas shooting.

Several of our board members will gather at a Labyrinth in Santa Fe and we invite you to tune in wherever you are by lighting a candle, doing some drumming, saying a prayer, or whatever feels right to you. Remember, there’s huge power in numbers and the impact of our offering grows exponentially when we work as a group.
— Society for Shamanic Practice