The Faery Allies Telesummit

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Today I presented on the Faery Allies Telesummit. I was planning to share my experiences with the Cailleach when I was in Ireland, and I had an outline for what I would say. But as usual, the Spirits took over and what happened was beyond my plan. I began with background information and I shared my experiences and the lessons I learned in Ireland. Then I led the callers on a living journey. On the surface this sounds like a guided meditation, but it is really a living journey we take together.

We entered the Cailleach's Cairn, and asked her to meet us there. She gave me the instructions on what to say, and she led the meditation. As proof, I do not remember what I said - it was a contemporaneous journey for all of us. 

Listen to the recording of my workshop

My friends inside the Cailleach's Cairn this summer

My friends inside the Cailleach's Cairn this summer

I was listening to the live call today you had with the Faery Allies Telesummit. I wanted to thank you for your story and especially for the journey at the end you provided. I experienced an emotional journey and connected with the sidhe in the cavern that will stay with me as I go forward. I am new with connecting with the faeries and just started learning about them this month, so the telesummit came at a perfect time. Thank you once again and I thank the faeries for you being a speaker at the telesummit.
— Jan

I am so honored to be part of this telesummit. The speakers are foremost teachers of the Sidhe today and I am listening to every one of them. It is a body of work that will teach people for many years to come. If you click through and stay on top of the schedule, you can hear the remaining speakers for free. But if you are like me, you will buy the extended package to hear them at your pace, and get the bonus classes. Yes, I bought the package, and I recommend you do, too. 

My bonus class will be held on November 10. I will be supporting you on a journey to the Sidhe, to learn about your personal process for this winter, when your bones are underground, being sung over by the Cailleach. What will you birth in the Spring? 

See you there!