Diablo and the Amethyst

Most of my animal healing session are over the phone, and I don't really know for sure what the setting is or what the animal is doing in real time. I do see them with my shamanic vision, in non-ordinary reality, as the Spirits do the healing. I love it when the person shares with me that the animal was responding to the session - yawning, moving, stretching, paying close attention. etc - in line with what I was reporting as I journeyed, but Diablo was EXTRA SPECIAL!

The healing Spirit, Grandfather Lorenzo, used an amethyst from his medicine bag to heal Diablo's heart. And as he did so, Diablo reached his paws into the alter of Crystals that Elizabeth had set up next to him. He drew out the amethyst and put his paw on it. Then he pulled it to him, in-between his paws. I edited the healing session recording so you could hear how Grandfather Lorenzo did the healing, and then Elizabeth's and Troys sharing with me what Diablo had done. 

Thank you Grandfather Lorenzo!

Diablo gathers up a physical amethyst with his paws, just as Grandfather put one into his heart in the Shamanic Journey.  The picture with the crystal between his feet was “untouched”. The other picture was taken after the healing (and Troy put the crystal on his paw).