Stone Circles and Dragons

We visited old stone circles in Ireland this September. The Castleruddery Circle was very "active" and I had wonderful experiences with the Spirits there. Sacred Geometry. Sweet healing. Dragon!  I learned significant information about the White Dragon and the creative power of becoming. So much fun! Here are my notes from this journey: 

The lead spirit welcomed us, and I was immediately told that I was to observe the inner triangle and walk it from left to right and back to the entrance. Then I saw a huge whitish dragon come in and circle counterclockwise. It started as snake and formed into dragon as it flowed. There was  a white orb glowing in the place of Phi - not quite in the center, but the real place of power in the circle.  (When Glen used his divining rods to feel the energy flow, this spot was the hottest.) The dragon is the announcement - an emanation - of the Sidhe.  Like the green mist, but this is the white mist, of the power of the Sidhe. Of their magic. As I saw the white power of the their land, I understood that dragon is an emanation of that power. Dragon comes first, like a first form. This is important, because the Dragon is the Power of Becoming. There were hawthorn trees on the border,  clearly significant and guardians.  

My friend Reid Hart also had experiences with Dragon and Triangles, so I wasn't alone getting this message. Now that I know that the white dragon is associated with the power of the Sidhe I will see things quite differently on my shamanic adventures into these worlds. I described my experience on the SpiritHealer Radio show, and I share it below.