Connected Flow Meditation

I use an energy in my equine body work that I call Connected Flow. This is the power of the creative life force present in the world around us. When I work on horses I merge with my ancestral tree, and I see its branches and leaves caressing the horse, while its deep roots clear and empower the horse, and me. I also connect to the energy of the ocean as its gentle waves roll up onto the sand, absorb, and then wash back to sea. These visualizations are hugely effective. They allow me to feel the horse, and for the horse to go deep into relaxation. 

We shamanic people know that am actually connecting to the energy of the Spirits of the places I visualize. Holding that connection and using it is part of the practice of hands-on healing. But a person doesn't have to know this - they just need to connect. 

I have recently aligned with Manuel Trigo, a Classical Dressage Master. I will be teaching myofascial bodywork techniques to his people in clinics and private lessons. To make this visualization easy for them, I have created a "Spirit Journey" audio meditation (with drumming of course) for my horse bodywork website,