Ghost Story!


I just completed a session for a lady in Hawaii who is rehoming a cat and wanted tell him about the timing, and she wanted to ask a big mean feral tom cat to leave her area. We also requested general protection for her and her cats. 

The session began in a normal fashion. I connected with the local helping spirits, an Auntie, and I merged my Sacred Circle into the place in Hawaii. The Auntie greeted Buddy, the cat, and everything was quite normal. But when I looked outside of the circle I saw a dark figure who felt like trouble...  time for some October ghost clearings!

I record all my sessions and so I have the audio of this full session. I edited it down to the Ghost parts, and my client's response. 

All Ghosts were healed in this session - its good to be useful and in connection with the compassionate Spirits! Aloha

If you are getting this by email, click through to my website to hear the sound file.