Eluv's healing

My friend Eluv came for a healing this week, which was amazing. And then she joined me on SpiritHealer Radio to share the experience, and I made a youtube video of it. This is a cool conversation because Eluv didn't tell me what her concerns were at all going into the session. She just said that she wanted the Spirits to "have a look". (Yes she is Australian). I was fine with that, and the Spirits just did their thing, with me describing it in as much detail as I could. The images were fun! 

Eluv said that the were 100% right on. For example, the Spirit meticulously extracted old gunk from the upper lobes of her lungs, specifically in the pleura. They said it was residual from something extreme, like pneumonia. After the session Eluv shared that she had been sick for weeks with debilitating bronchitis through December. I had no idea. 

Eluv is a talented energy healer, and she can co-journey with me. We have done extensive work in together in this way. I begin the session, and then she picks it up and does her own work. When she seems stuck, my Teacher prompts me to ask her a question, or give a small instruction. This puts her back on the path and her work goes deeper. It's amazing and fun. 

Enjoy this video, and let me know if you would like to come on the radio show and share your healing stories too. Tuesdays at noon pacific. http://blogtalkradio.com/journeyintothelight