Spirit Animal Telesummit

My Presentation is May 3 at 1:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time

My Presentation is May 3 at 1:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time

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Wednesday May 3 @ 1:00 PM pacific

FAMILY POWER ANIMALS -  for you and your close animal companions. I will share stories and retrieve a family power animal for a caller.

Has it ever seemed that your favorite animal was more like a soul mate than a pet? That he or she has been with you through many lifetimes, and perhaps even multiple times in your current incarnation? Do you wonder if you are part of the same tribe, or if there is a bigger soul group that you both come from? 

We animal lovers have all experienced the incredible bond with a partner who was like our own breath. We swear that we have been part of that animal's tribe, or herd, in another lifetime. I know I was born whinnying, and it is no surprise to me that my pasture has the same three horses in it today that I had statues of as a child. I knew these darlings were coming. I simply had to open my arms to them when they arrived. 

I have learned that there are Power Animals who are family caretakers, overseeing the bonded relationships we have. There is a bold white mare who is the guide for my horses and me, she is the herd leader to us all. She comes to me and tells me when a new horse is coming, and shows me who that horse is. Then it happens. 

A hummingbird oversees my relationship with one of my cats and me. My feral tuxedo cat, Mini Boots, is the incarnation of Hip Boots. Hip Boots came to my sister, born to a feral queen who moved into my sisters house. We were very close for 18 years. When she passed, her spirit took up residence in the womb of a feral in our neighborhood, and one gestation plus about 6 weeks later, that kitten showed up in my barn, as though she had been teleported there. Hip’s identical twin. 

She and I have a Power Animal who oversees our relationship, and protects us both. It is the hummingbird, ironic of course as they so often are, because if Mini had her way she would dine on them everyday. Fortunately they are wise and they out smart her. This hummingbird is really the Power Animal who oversees our family in our home. This Power Animal is not someone I turn to in my shamanic practice, but she is always here, guiding and protecting our home. 

These Family Power Animals are so important, and so often overlooked. In this session I will share more stories, and retrieve a Family Power Animal for a caller. Our relationships are precious, and the Family Power Animals hold them sacred for us.