Stem Cells and Soul Retrieval

Modern medicine is opening the door to the creative life force of our stem cells. These cells are brilliant! They embody the divine potential that is inside everyone of us. We have found the miracle, and it is us. 

Yesterday I heard Dr Todd Malan speak at the Physician's Roundtable Conference in Orlando. I am fascinated by what I learned. Stem cell treatment can work to heal everything that can go wrong in our bodies, because we are using our body's own core wisdom to find and fix whatever the problems are. Our stem cells can heal "impossible" problems, from meniscus repair to reversing Parkinson's. What intrigues me most is the perspective it gives me on shamanic soul retrieval. 

I also heard wonderful and detailed presentations on tick born illnesses, and how they are the culprits behind so many chronic illnesses. It was pretty dense information, but it makes sense to me from what I have seen when I work with clients. There was some talk of the stem cell therapy being a solution to tick born infections, but it seems to be out in the future. 

Stem cells :

Stem cells :

Grandmother Sunflower said this healing was coming.  She has shown me hidden infectious agents which modern medicine is just beginning to understand. They are the root causes of our many chronic illnesses. She said, "Have hope! Your modern medicine will find them and will overcome them. We are working with people to bring healing to all of you." 

But let me step back and share the events that led to my being at this conference - Spirits have a way...

A few months ago Sue Vogan called me and asked if I would be interested in presenting something about shamanism at her upcoming medical conference The Physicians Roundtable. I agreed, because Spirits said to, and because it gave me a great excuse to visit my friends in Florida. As I journeyed to prepare my presentation, Spirits told me to focus on chronic illness such chronic fatigue and lyme's disease, and people with acute trauma and soul loss. They brought to mind three of my clients. Two were suffering from the insidious effects of lyme's disease. The third had shock trauma from a physical assault. I immediately reached out to one (Cathy) who is also my long term friend. The other two reached out to me within a week of the spirits reminding me of their cases, and the soul work we had done. Spirit is involved!

My core takeaways from this conference experience:

  • Chronic illness often begins with trauma, acute or chronic. From a shamanic perspective, trauma creates soul loss. Soul loss leaves us with diminished vitality and life force, and it opens space for intrusions. Illness takes a foothold.

  • Soul retrieval has multiple components: retrieving the parts who left at times of trauma, in soma cases retrieving the collective "lost" soul who forms protected and happy relationships with non-ordinary reality beings, and retrieving the brilliant soul light of core potential. This last part is like the stem cell - it has the creative life force for the person to become whole, healthy, and a beacon of light in the world.

  • Healing is a collective effort beginning with the client's determination to become healthy and whole, and adding to it the efforts of the healing team: the shamanic role of extraction, transmutation and soul and power retrieval, the physician's role in physical diagnosis and treatment, and the wholistic components in all their beautiful expressions.

The conference has me intrigued by the interwoven layers of lyme's disease and regenerative medicine. I have seen these infectious agent many times in my healing work. They seem to be some new class of goods, not really bacteria or virus, but something else. They confuse the immune system, and introduce cloaks that provide cover for other agents to enter and multiply. They are also prolific. For the most part, a healthy person has enough soul energy, physical energy and emotional balance to keep them at bay. But when we get traumatized, they can get a foothold, and begin a cascade of trouble. Shamanic work is very important! 

  • Trauma opens the door for these agents to get a foothold and start a disease process. The Shaman understands that an accident or ongoing emotional stress or suffering causes soul loss. Without our vital life force, our bodies are weakened. Soul Retrieval is central to most every shamanic session I do.

  • Shamanic healing brings a client into close connection with their Spirit Healers - the Power Animals, Teachers and Ancestor - to directly help them energetically, and to guide them to the best health supporting practices and treatments. Today I have learned about this amazing resource of stem cell, and I will be sharing it with the world!

  • Shamanic healing acts on spirit, heart and body. Emotional healing and new inner wisdom are expected outcomes from a shamanic healing session. Physical miracles do happen. They are called miracles for a reason - they are rare - but we will ask for that miracle!

Stem Cell treatments are very promising, but a person needs to choose practitioners who are ethical. There have been issues with unethical people creating harm.  Here are some links to help you get started:


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