Charlene's Connected Flow Healing

I recently shared Connected Flow® shamanic bodywork in a presentation with the Society of Shamanic Practice (Michigan, September 2018). Imagine 90 people transfigured as they merged with their sacred tree, with the Flow moving through their hands into the fascia of a partner. We were interwoven - the roots and boughs in a living forest. So beautiful!

We began the session by merging and doing, so that everyone could experience Connected Flow first hand. Only after that did I explain my theories I of the mirroring webs: mycelium, fascia, and the stars. (see my presentation notes). People were intrigued!

When we did the initial hands on experience, people touched their partners on the shoulders and back to release common restrictions. Most of us are tight in that area, so it’s easy way to teach people the “feel” of the work. After that I demonstrated some other hand positions - the neck/occiput, the knees, the lower back, and so forth. I asked for a volunteer, and Charlene stood up. I had no idea if she had any troubles. I just wanted to show where the hands can go. I put my right hand on her right occiput, and my left on her left shoulder. When I started the Flow, I felt a strong pain in my TMJ. I asked the audience if they did as well, and they did! So we all put Connected Flow into our own faces with the intention to release Charlene’s. When we did this she folded forward, crying. So I put my hands on her diaphragm to complete the release, and I sang her soul home using my soul retrieval song.

Connected Flow is really amazing - it’s Shamanic Bodywork using the wisdom of myofascia techniques. Think of it as super charged hands on healing. Try it - you’ll like it!