Journey Circle to Support 2018 Election


This weeks Journey Circle supported the election, with the intention that the vote be clean, the lies be squelched and there is no violence at the polls or in the days after. Notice I did not say “That the Democrats would win”, even though I really wanted to make that request - We have to leave these things to the Spirits and simply request harmony and balance.

About 15 of us did the work. We began by gathering in a virtual circle with our Spirit Allies. In our individual journeys we observed each other and what Spirits walked with us. Impressive - Tigers. Bats. Dragons. BIG Dragons! So many more. Then we saw a power source in the center of the circle that the Spirits could distribute across the country. Some people saw a huge fire, others a fountain of light (me), but several people saw a frighteningly impressive volcano that spilled out across the land. There was a lot of, “Me too, I saw that too”, going on in our check in.

We took off with our Power Animals carrying the Power, flying to the polling places and the neighborhoods, offering help to the Spirits and the people who are working so hard to hold us together. The forces of chaos are strong. A menu of lies with a side of racism. It is imperative that we counter this Fomirian nastiness. And counter we did - white light showers, a blue net of pure power and compassion - it really was a confluence of impressive beauty.

A few of things stood out:


Dragons - they are among the most powerful allies we have for pushing back on the Fomorian chaos beings. Lately I have been working closely with Dragons to take on all sort of darkness. And I am completely grateful for their protection and determination.

Here is what Kamrin had to report from her journey - she is a regular Dragon Rider:

HI!  It was great to see you this morning.  It was pretty powerful.  I travelled with Dragon (it was more of a contingent of Dragons).  The Dragons and other spirits are/were definitely at work.  I saw Dragons and other beings working computer lines and polling machines to deflect hacking.  It was pretty cool, Dragons were moving along the underground computer lines, as well as shielding machines with power.  Dragons and others were inside the machines, counteracting hacking attempts.  I saw Dragons and others who were working to help people vote their compassion and heart, rather than what they have been told to do (within the bounds of free will issues, of course).  We travelled to support those who are standing in long lines to vote, including those who were locked out of polling places or were sent to the wrong places.  We sent hope to the Native Americans who wanted to vote, but were unable to do so this time (because of an unjust Court decision).  We were all over the place, visiting people who were on the fence about even voting.  I saw the Centaurs working to break chains and attachments (they looked like warriors).  Unicorns were there to help fill voids with compassion, kindness, and love.  Pretty amazing stuff!!  The sheer number of beings and the power was awesome.  We truly are at a crossroads in the US (and world).  Hopefully, truth, reason, kindness, compassion, peace, and empathy will prevail over the forces that peddle hate, racism, fear, and paranoia. 
— Karmin

Centaurs - I specifically called the Centaurs in to put their mirrored shields around the people who are trapped in the cult mind and spew vitriol. The mirrors prevent the vitriol from becoming vicious intrusions - basically the mirrors capture the negativity, and because we set the intention - the mirrors transmute it back to source, harmless. Kamrin wasn’t the only one to see them breaking chains - it was a repeating image. That was really cool.

Bottom line - OUR WORK MATTERS! We are adding our Shamanic Power to bring balance and harmony into the world in ever way we can - in our Soul Gardens, in our Compassionate Healing Work, and by supporting the Front Lines.

KEEP IT UP! Power on Light Souls Power on!