Bella's Starlight Love

This poem was given to Michelle from her beautiful dog, Bella, who is on the other side. 

In the brilliant shining of the lighted star is a recognition of our divine identity, creation and purpose. 

The starlight glimmers down through every smile, through every soft touch, through every whisper, through every hug, through every medicine, through every toenail clipping, through every grooming, through every washing and loving, through every cuddling, through everything between us. 

The glimmering starlight shines, passed from your hands into me, though my whole life. And now, my love, I pass it back to you.

Bella passed into Michelle some starlight, the mirrored memory of their love, refilling Michelle’s bones, tissues and soul. Bella then offered this last verse: 

Even though I sometimes barked, pooped, cried and ignored you, I still loved you, and I always will. And when I come back I promise to be better. 

Grandmother Sunflower folded up the poem and put it into Michelle’s heart.