Ancestral Tree with Connected Flow

This morning when I awoke I was reminded that I have been gardening and working by a deep pain in my left shoulder and back. That area of the trapezius that runs between the scapula and the spine - you know the place - where the rhomboids meet the spine of the scapula. A big knot of fascia sticks up like a bone right at the star. Sound familiar?

Here is the cool thing! I had some time, so I just laid flat on my back and merged with my Ancestral Tree. I connected the roots into the sweet earth and pulled that goodness upwards to my diaphragm, where it expanded into a goblet of golden light, and I felt my latissimus release. I felt a tingle down my leg. Next I connected with the stars through the leaves of the ancestor tree. That gave a wave of goodness. And finally I asked the ocean to flow through me. In Connected Flow® we say:

My feet are the roots

My heart is the grail

My head is the stars

My hands are the water

It was AMAZING!!! With each wave I felt deep layers release. I began to slightly turn and unwind. A spasm in my glute released. My jaw release, and most important for my mission, my shoulder and back stopped hurting. A SOUL PART came back, who had left during a bike crash in 1985 where I separated my left shoulder. After about 15 minutes I thanked the Spirits and got up.

My arm had a feeling of being asleep, probably because the shoulder changed its position and caused some pressure on the nerve. It quickly resolved. The next thing I noticed was that my sinus was draining and my TMJ was changing. My whole face feels like it is in a new place on my head. As I type this I can still feel the changes happening.

I came to this place in my fascia from 60 years of living! From crashing off my bike as a bike racer, a roll over car wreck where I was miraculously protected by my angels, and having both my rotator cuffs torn. An active good life! We all have a story and the results are in our fascia. Connected Flow is a way of letting our old stories go, so we can remember the best parts and let go of the rest.