We are a circle of power

Today I am cleaning up my hard drive and I found this write up from a person in my classes:

No problem meeting my PA and immersing myself in the place. In answer to the question I posed to my PA, he said: You are all links in the circle, each with your own characteristics. By connecting with each other, you build an energetic framework that grows and is far more than any single person alone. My PA then showed me 6 dots of energy that evolved into a circle then expanded above, below and within. It first connected with our PAs then each of the spirits who had joined the circle. The expansion continued and formed many, many other connections...it was huge and extended into many other dimensions.

The image I was first shown began to form slowly then speeded up as connection after connection was made faster and faster, ultimately, at light speed.  The whole huge energetic framework was filled with many colors, textures, pathways, energies...and it wasn’t static, it continued to grow!!!  Truly amazing!!!!