Tiger at Rising Phoenix

I recently taught the workshop Stepping Out! With your Power Animal at Rising Phoenix Spiritualist Church in Phoenix. I had been there a few days before leading the journey to the Ancestral Tree, and I had noticed a large Spirit animal, a Tiger, in the room. My friend Marylin saw the same Tiger, and she asked me, unprompted, “Did you see that Tiger?”. Confirmation is always good!

In the Stepping Out workshop we journeyed to our Power Animals and I met the Tiger again:

A large Bengal Tiger met me in at my Ancestral Tree, where I was beginning my journey. He said “I guard the the Church. Let me show you.” The Tiger allowed me to enter his bones and travel through his home. We were back in India and enjoyed the water, rain forest and cave where people had placed crystals. 

The Tiger took me to a temple where white light, powerful Spirits reside. They come to heal here at the church, and Tiger is with them. The Spirits come above people when they are doing healing and they are among the ones who empower the ceremony and get the healing done. 

Tiger showed me how he does extraction and puts the intrusions into a blue pool. I have not worked with Tiger before and this was a special treat.

At the end we returned to our ancestral tree and we put the memory of this journey into our tree so that we can always access it again. 

It is an honor to be part of the Rising Phoenix Community. A sweet church with a big heart, and wonderful helping Spirits.