Magical healing for Jark with Penni

Update - It is now June 17. Penni and I did this work in March, and it was a slow road back - but we did it. Jark is THRIVING! This is the first summer he has been summer sore-free in 10 years. His nose is clear, his sheath is normal, and he is doing great. He does still have eye issues. So I have to keep up the good work!

Jark 2019.jpg

March 2019 - My dear friend Penni Thorp is in town today, and we got together to go see my horses. Penni is a highly qualified flower essence and homeopathic practitioner, in addition to being a shamanic healer who has recently completed the SpiritHealer School intensive training program. She is excellent in every regard, and she had just the advice I needed for my dear old horse, Jark.

Last night we had a big storm and Jark was colicy. Robyn the barn mistress was fast to act and Jark resolved his gassy belly within a few hours, thankfully. But it brought to mind that the summer is coming, and Jark’s laundry list of health issues will again resume their dirty deeds - he suffers from summer sores and sinus infections in the heat. Penni noticed the yellow goop in his eye, and in Fidla’s and she said, this needs Calc. Sulph. 6X, a homeopathic tissue salt #3. She also noticed the lumps on Fidla and Jark, the Equine Sarcoids that are so common. She said we should use a combination of salts #1 and #4. These in combination are good for tumors and lumps. We went to Sprouts and bought them all, plus #8 for any stomach cramps. Both horses got hand fed treatments, and a water bucket treatment as well. And then jerk looked at sideways. His stomach hurt and he was upset -

Time for hands on healing! Penni and I did Connected Flow, merging with our ancestor tree, the roots, the sun and moon, the stars and the flowing water of the ocean. As we worked all the horses in the barn began to snort and blow. Fidla and Lyra, on either side of Jark, gave visible releases, and then Jark let go. A big spasm are on his belly released, and he became more comfortable. Penni said she felt a call to put power into his rump, and all of a sudden he shuddered in the rear end and his whole body changed! His hips aligned correctly and he stood squarely - a rare thing for him. And his back lifted. He felt GREAT! It was remarkable to me how us working together was exponentially better than my working alone. (Jark gets a lot of Connected Flow from me). I also believe the divas of the homeopathic were actively resolving his concerns too. It was really remarkable. I am very grateful.