BumbleBee 2019

We had a splendid time dancing with the Spirits in our beautiful Spiral and bringing healing to each other and the horses with Connected Flow. With Tara’s incredible cooking we ate like royalty Our deep initiation journey into the void was expansive and healing. This is work that is hard to do in webinars, and so our gathering has an important role in the school. We welcomed back people who have been at every single BumbleBee retreat, and many who have been to most. The Phoenix circle came, building our family. And my dear friend Steven Kauder the Drum Maker, whom I have been journeying with for nearly 25 year, came out from Kansas.

As usual, no animals disturbed the rocks in our spiral - there are plenty of hoof prints in the spiral, but everyone from cows to bobcats is careful not to turn a stone. We could see the shimmering light rising from it as we approached. The spiral gives us healing and teaching as we walk it, but more important, it acts as a portal for the compassionate spirits to use to cross over those who are having difficulty. With the spiral in place, the ranch is not quite so active. Of course the spirits who are there to lend a hand stay on, but the lost wandering souls of the old west have now found their people and angels in heaven. Sweet! This is a place with a LOT of history.

I am excited to report that Connected Flow is making big changes in the lives of our circle mates. Charlotte reports that after 15 minutes of channeling the flow for her animals, she becomes electrified with power. Her teachers have taught her to hold her hands outward and ask them to take the power where it is needed on the planet. Even then it takes some time to discharge. Other people reported that long standing aches and pains are now way better. The ranch horses of course appreciated our Connected Flow - they love the touch.

I am opening the registration for 2020 August 1. Stay close!