Trees open a gateway

The Spiral in My Sacred Garden at Home

The Spiral in My Sacred Garden at Home

I am starting my Shamanic Training new again - and it isn’t because I am getting forgetful…

Grandmother Sunflower told me to change the way I do things. She wants me to instruct beginners by having them first merge with a Power Animal and with their Ancestral Tree. This merging opens the gateways into the Upper and Lower Worlds, and all the other magical places yet to be discovered by us earthlings.

I created a new Intro class to follow this path, Sacred Tree Shamanism and I am one of the new beginners! The class has 7 people, 5 of whom are also old hands trying out this new fangled way of journeying. We are all blown away.

The tree lifts us into a brilliant light as we enter the Upper World. The world has crystals, shapes and forms that shimmer power into the middle world, and the Middle world becomes a sacred mirror reflecting the creative force of the universe.

This makes the Middle World a Sacred Garden. Everything I know about Shamanic Soul Gardening, is now back with me front and center. I am in my garden working the plots, building my life and our SpiritHealer Sacred Circle.