Free Training in Shamanism - Act Now

three_girls_SHSAugust 11, 2013: Opportunity for FREE TRAINING in shamanism. I am developing a new series of introductory classes for people to take on demand. The classes will have MP3 of live teleclass/webinars, PDF handouts, community circles to meet fellow journeyers and to share your experiences, informational videos, and more cool things. I am looking for three people to participate, taking these classes live - so that I can make the MP3 recordings. You will learn to journey into the 3 worlds, develop a working relationship with your Power Animal, and communicate with animals. Your life will expand with your awareness!

There will be 6-8 telephone/webinar classes, each 1 hour long. We will be doing them at 3:00 pm on Thursdays (mostly) beginning this week August 15. These classes will prepare you to enter our certification program in January.

If you wish to be considered for this opportunity, email me or call 623-776-6922 ASAP. We will do a quick phone call for me to gather your information. I am looking for a mix of beginners and people with experience in the intuitive arts (Reiki, animal communication etc). My purpose is to create a product that will connect with people of all sorts.

Requires a good clear phone connection and a headset that isn't noisy.  A good old fashioned wired head set on a land line is the very best, or a nice clear cellphone headset, or a solid Computer VOIP phone like Magic Jack with a headset that has a microphone. Sound quality is important for the recordings.  We will be using a standard telephone line with an optional webinar screen broadcast, the same SIMPLE technology we use in our classes. Complicated is not better.

You will love these classes, and you will be an important part of the SpiritHealer Community forever!