Dog becomes Power Animal

Savage Reveals Herself As A Power Animal Spirit

DS had lost her beloved Wolf/Shepherd, Savage at age 15. She wanted to know if Savage will ever return to her (reincarnated as a new dog).

Carla journeyed to Savage:

“Savage is your power animal, and she came to you as a wolf/dog so that she could be incarnated next to you and keep you safe. She was concerned that you needed hands on protection, so she incarnated for you. She does plan to send you one of her children in the form of a puppy. It will be a Malamute and it will look something like a wolf pup. Very cute! She will tell you about it in a dream or a journey.” How lucky you are to have had your power animal incarnate for you. This is very rare. DS writes back: “Thank you so much, Carla. The tape is very interesting. I’ve listened to it several times now. I’ve certainly had many similar experiences to what you were describing…… last year I had a past life reading done, and was told there was something about a German shepherd … it wasn’t clear what, but …..? Thanks again for the wonderful birthday present you didn’t know you were giving me!!!!”