Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic Gratitude

healing clinicTonight we have Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic, and I am really looking forward to it. I am asking for healing for everything that is making us stumble and bumble. My client tonight is Timmy, my tabby cat who got suddenly paralyzed on one rear leg. It happened on Halloween. Our vet thinks it is a rare spinal condition that will resolve, and indeed he is better every day. Matt and I are very thankful for Timmy's recovery, and for so many big and little blessings. What a fall! It is so beautiful here in Arizona. The sun is warm. The sky is clear, and the birds are flocking to our feeder. The horses are settled, and really everything is good. It is easy to look at the challenges and get absorbed in them - and this last year has had plenty of them. Friends, family and animals crossing, car wrecks, Timmy's sudden paralysis. Lots of hard hitting stuff. Emotionally it is challenging. Yet somehow when I choose to see the sun, I see it. When I choose to stand in a place of resolution and restoration, I find it. When I make the choice to stand, I stand - albeit with a tilt to the right and a slight limp.

Healing clinic tonight will be a lot of fun. Hope you can join us!  See for the event listing and to register.