Discernment and mental voices

I recently had an email exchange with a person who perceives they are under attack by an outside force, and wants shamanic help. The person has a diagnosed mental illness.

L0026168 Three cats singing. Gouache by Louis Wain, 1925/1939. Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images images@wellcome.ac.uk http://wellcomeimages.org Three cats singing. Gouache by Louis Wain, 1925/1939. Gouache By: Louis William WainPublished:  -  Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons by-nc 2.0 UK, see http://wellcomeimages.org/indexplus/page/Prices.html

I am usually cautious about taking on clients with diagnosed mental conditions that involve hearing voices in the head. Maybe it is true that this is a sign of the "gift" (as some healers say), but how can we tell when the voices in our heads are from Spirit or from some internal manufacturing of our brain?

I am not a metal heath practitioner - and really I speak with no authority - and yet I have found that the sense of being under psychic or spiritual attack often comes from a lack of discernment -  the key skill for any energy, spiritual or intuitive healer. Everyone has the capacity to connect to the spirit world, and everyone has the capacity to create in their imaginative minds. A deep exploration into the spirit world can be a very wild ride, but you are experiencing that ride in your brain, in your faculties of imagination. If a person can't tell what comes from their own ideas, and what is a spirit-journey-connected experience, or if the two overlap and blur, well, that would be really hard.

Here is a letter I could write in reply to most everyone who comes to me with this sort of trouble:

Dear Friend:

First of all let me say this: I believe you when you say that you are under attack, and that experiences you are having are real. The question is, which of your experiences are from the spirit world, and which are being generated within your own natural framework? In my experience shamanic work can help you, but it alone doesn’t clear up some mental illness. There is something in the brain mis-function that is real, and unfortunately modern medicine may not yet have found the solution for you.

In Shamanic parlance, intrusions are energy/entities that are attached to you somehow, and they are not helping you. Intrusions can definitely feel like they are an attack! Many intrusions come from the outside - from non-compassionate spirits we may encounter, or negative energy we may have been blasted by - but intrusions are also created by our own thoughts. We really need to develop discernment to know what comes from where. Intrusions may feel like an attack! But what if we are attacking ourselves?

The shaman can remove the intrusions no matter what their source, and refill the person with beauty and healing. And the shaman can also provide ongoing protection for the person by surrounding them with a Power Animal or other compassionate spirits who will help guard them from outside invasion. But the shaman is hard pressed to get a person to stop creating more internally generated intrusions, especially if the person can't understand that they themselves are creating the troubles. How can we teach someone discernment and self awareness, when to them, it all feels like an invasion from some alien something or other? I don't know.

If you are willing to work with me to sort out the internal from the external, and to learn some skills in discernment, we may be able to help you out of this scary place. I will join your helping team, if you are willing to try sorting it out as I work on protecting you and clearing you from intrusions, of all makes and models.

Blessings and love!  Carla

Mary's Shamanic Garden FIlls her Life with Blessings

Mary is a Qualified Healer, a graduate from the SpiritHealer Shamanic Healing for Animals Program. She attended our Shamanic Soul Gardening Masterclasses in early 2015. Here she shares how incredible her shamanic gardening has become.

As my garden matures and develops, I’m amazed at how it suddenly appears when I most need to be there. 

Lately as I move around my garden, I’m in awe of how much it’s grown and how green and lush it has become. It’s happened without my control or plan ( mind control.)

In the beginning, I spent time developing my garden from my mind. It was all about what I wanted in my garden for my own healings and the healings of others. Now, miraculously (that’s how I describe it) many times as I’m walking in nature, I get a vision of my garden and then my dragon keeper who guards my garden is there with me. ffe697a4ad7b017325f1b2c977e89dca

I get visions with colors, water, rainbows and I know there’s rainbow healing in my garden. I can see different ponds with colors and an area with strong rainbows as the colors merge.

My most recent vision occurred yesterday while driving my car.  Strange as it seems, I continued to drive safely.

I had an unpleasant inter-action with my sister and was feeling upset, sad and disoriented. Suddenly I was in my garden with my dragon keeper and I saw the word Sorrow, and I realized I was in an area called Sorrow (which I never named.)4ba5432470338feb3a93059dc9bced52

I sat and rain gently dropped down on me. The rain got stronger and stronger as it poured down my body. Then my tears started to flow and fall with the rain. I felt the cleansing as it poured down and out of me. The water pooled at my feet and got deeper and deeper. It looked murky and dense. Then it started swirling and moving upward as it turned into golden white light. It filled me with light and healing as it moved upwards and out of my crown. I had released all my negative feelings and I felt wonderful. 

This is such a blessing and what a great new section in my garden!!!

My gratitude to Carla for teaching me how to create my garden.

And I’m intrigued by how my garden now develops on it’s own and pulls me into it when I need it.


Song Doctoring with Hymns

This weekend I did a hands on healing for lady. It wasn’t my usual way of working, but it sure was strong. I am excited to tell you about it! I attended graduation for my nephew-in-law-to-be at Abiline Christian University, a Church of Christ college. Church of Christ services feature acapella songs are the living breath of the entire congregation. It is very moving to be in service, hearing this collective love. At the celebration party I was taken aside and asked to do some healing on a lady’s leg. I felt very honored, as these wonderful souls know I am not exactly on their path, but they trust that I am of love and compassion. I wanted to bring in the power of their faith to support my work, and at the same time I wanted to work my way, silently, with my hands on, conveying compassionate power of my usual Spirit companions and using my bodywork training to facilitate the releases.

There is a Shamanic healing practice called song doctoring where the healer journeys and receives a song for the client from her Spirit Allies. The healer then sings it over the client, and teaches the client to sing the song for themselves. The song carries the healing power through it, traveling through the intention of the healer and the client. It occurred to me that the church’s hymns can do the same, conveying the power of the Holy Spirit, aligned with the clear healing intention of the people supporting the healing we were attempting.

I asked a gentleman with an extraordinary voice to sing hymns over the lady as I put my hands on her leg. I asked her to remember she was blessed, and to hold her hands over her heart and feel the power of God inside her.  I opened my vessel to the power of the Holy Spirit and the Biblical Spirits these people love, and of course to the compassionate Spirits I always work with. The power was so beautiful! My sister said we looked like we were draped in white light. When I looked to see who was there, I personally saw the Virgin Mary. I am not sure that they call on her, but I know I do.

The lady reported feeling heat in her leg and a feeling of grace. Her leg stopped hurting and she had no pain through the night - highly unusual. I don’t know how long-lasting the healing will be, but I know she felt that God had blessed her. The next morning she greeted me with the affirmation - “I am blessed.”  So wonderful to hear, and we both knew that it was true. I pray for her full recovery!

Blessings to you. You, too are blessed! Sing it out!

Gardening for my Family

I have been teaching a class in shamanic soul gardening. It is changing my life in huge and sweet ways. Yesterday in our class we journeyed to start a fresh new garden plot. I was shown a plot that was about my relationship with my Dad. As background, he is 93. I am his primary, and he is slipping. Tuesday we went to the heart Doc who said that he is building up fluids, and we need to fix it. He gave me the recipe for increasing lasix etc. As if to prove the point, later dad collapsed in the kitchen. One of those days….

In the gardening class journey, the Spirits showed me that I was dying with him - really a soul loss setup, but in fact I have been having angina - like pain. Which is odd since I can workout hard. It is probably my chest fascia, but it is certainly a message. The Spirit told me I had better do something about it NOW. They wove a large basket in the center of the garden, and each strand was something from all of the family and friends who love Phil. He was in the center surrounded by love. As he passed, his soul lifted out of the basket into the sky, and the basket HELD ME FIRMLY here. I didn’t have soul loss. I didn’t follow him. I was rooted in the love of the living. The spirits said, “weave that basket now”.
So immediately after class I wrote an email to all of Dad’s family and remaining friends. I asked them to remember him, and to send him a card, a picture, a note  - something to remind him of their love and to bring him a smile. And I told them how important it is for me to be connected to them. So many of these relations are through Dad's second marriage. They are step family, and our connection is not a given. It must be nurtured. WOW what a response. So beautiful! Our house will be hosting house guests every weekend through the whole spring, as loves ones come to remind Phil just how great he is!
This is huge for me. I am so blessed. The Spirits inspired me to do this, and now the whole garden is just blooming like crazy. And Dad today was so much better, he lost a pound of fluids overnight. He loved the pictures and the stories that I have so far, and he is very excited by his full social calendar.
Life is for the living. Lets live EVERY DAY with joy!

Manifesting in your garden


Shamanic Spirit Gardening is a way to create what you want in life by cultivating it in non ordinary reality. The first step is to figure out what you really want, and of course that isn't always simple. But assuming you have some idea, you can grow an intentional garden in non-ordinary reality that will grow your life according to that intention. Lately I have been determined to learn to trade options. Yes, it's true. I have always wanted to do this, and it was my dream when I went to college in New York City. Once there, I realized I didn't fit in with the cocaine lifestyle of the 1980s Wall Street, and I switched my focus to marketing. Fast forward to today, where the computer has brought the trading world to ordinary folk, and here I am doing it for real! My Non Ordinary Reality Garden is where I am shamanically building this new life skill. The learning curve is vertical, and my success is completely intertwined with my attitude, skills and clear focused intention.

By the way, I am learning my ordinary reality skills from TastyTrade.com - totally free. Totally amazing - check it out.

The garden has a tool shed that is fully stocked. The seedlings are in a cold frame, and the beds are filled with rotational fast growth crops, like radish and lettuce. I have an area of garden for every strategy I am working. The garden has protection in place for freak weather, and it has water reserves for drought. Sounds like a great investment plan, right? It even has a storage area for the harvested crops.

I journey to this garden several times a week, usually while I am walking on the desert. My Helping Spirit shows me how the garden reflects my trading, and we work on things, improving, weeding planting, harvesting, making it work! And yes, my trading is good - it's a very sweet thing.

You too can have a garden that will help you bloom. You may not have any interest in the stock market, but you probably have something that you are trying to accomplish in your life.  You can just journey and start one! If you want to join a class and learn how, I am teaching this work in February over the phone, and live at Bumble Bee in April.

The events section has details -  see you with your gardening gloves, drum and rattle.

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The New Modern Medicine Wheel

This is a guest blog written by Barbara Kaufman Medicine wheel tradtional colorsNative peoples realized that nature has no straight lines. Nature expresses herself in circular patterns from the robin’s egg to the moon; nature is cycles and seasons where all things come round. Even life is cyclic with birth, death and rebirth. The circle or wheel represents the great everything or the Universe.

“Medicine” to native peoples, does not mean pills or pharmaceuticals, but refers to a vital power or force inherent in Nature. It is the delicate dance and balancing of this power that enables one to become wise and complete. A medicine wheel creates sacred space. They can be huge structures layout out with stones on the land, or simple circles demarcated with flags and symbols. They can even be painted or drawn and used in an interior space. Medicine wheels are sacred space, a blueprint for ceremony, aid to meditation, a healing force, an altar, a centering presence for one’s consciousness, a great and powerful protector and a framework for honor given to nature and all levels of being. Each direction of the wheel represents certain attributes and constitutes a path of self-realization and a point of initiation into the mysteries of life. The path to the true self, the wheel, leads to the core of the being.

Ancient Cultures to Modern Times:New medicine wheel diagram

For earth-based cultures, the cardinal directions are linked to great powers or intelligent forces whose energy can be called upon for assistance and harnessed. The purpose of the medicine wheel is to bring into alignment these spiritual powers and heal or absorb some of the “medicine” or energy from them—to create wholeness.

There are many subtle meanings to the medicine wheel: beginnings and endings, cycles, the powers in complete balance, the demonstration that all things are interconnected, the balance of personal and natural powers, and the circling back into attunement to one’s inner self.

Each direction holds many natural forces or powers that arise in fours—the four seasons, four phases of the moon, the four kingdoms and the four phases of existence. The four elements are air, earth, fire and water. The number 4 is sacred and represents the Creator.

The medicine wheel may be used also as a portal for cleansing, healing, to anchor cosmic power or energy in the earth. It can clear the land of lingering essences, violence, misuse, sorrow, tragedy and other harmful “imprints” left—in and for the land, the peoples, the animals, nature… Think of the medicine wheel as a kind of acupuncture point with prayer that brings vital energies and powers to earth for healing, restoration, protection, prevention, or used to become a point of connection. Multiple medicine wheels may be linked to enlarge and amplify the power grid.

The wheel can encompass small or large or even very large expanses of territory and be hidden if required. They can be as large or small as desired to accommodate most any setting whether indoors or outdoors. A periodic ritual will power-up the medicine wheel, elements, prayers and the entire energy grid. It’s important to approach the building of a medicine wheel with reverence and respect, for it is holy and sacred work.

THE NEW MEDICINE Wheel within A Wheel:

I was given the gift and task of designing a NEW medicine wheel for the 21st Century, a wheel within a wheel.  This wheel combines the power of two wheels, the Traditional Wheel, and a modern Higher Medicine Wheel.  Here are the descriptions of the two wheel that combine to make this 21rst Century Wheel.

A Traditional Medicine Wheel and its Ritual: 4 colored wheel

This illustration is based on the Lakota ways but circular rituals and spirals have been used since the beginning of time. Think Stonehenge, Avebury, Machu Piccu, Cairo’s Valley of the Kings, Teotihuacán, labyrinths…

The colors of the traditional medicine wheel are red, black, yellow and white—the four races on earth with each color representing a direction and attributes associated with that direction:

[wc_row][wc_column size="one-fourth" position="first"]

East: Yellow

Messenger - Brown Eagle

Associated with the sun, brings light to all creation. Because the sun travels east to west - in a clockwise manner - all good things conform to the same pattern. The Morning Star - the star of wisdom and new beginnings - comes from the east. Elk people call the east home.

[/wc_column][wc_column size="one-fourth"]

North: Red

Messenger - Crane

North is home to winter and is believed to promote good health and growth. Those who misbehave look to the north for the wisdom needed to walk a straight path again. Home to the Calf Pipe Woman and the buffalo people.

[/wc_column][wc_column size="one-fourth"]

West: Black

Messenger - Black Eagle Connected with the power of rain and the purity of water; joy and growth follow the rain, releasing ignorance. West is home to the Thunder-being. His wings produce thunder and lightning flashes from his eyes. The bird-like being stands again evil and ensures the respect of others.

[/wc_column][wc_column size="one-fourth" position="last"]

South: White

Messenger - Bald Eagle Associated with warmth, happiness and generosity. Connected with life after death, directs men as they walk toward the next phase Life begins in the south. Nourishment of every kind comes from this direction. Home to the animal people.


The Higher Medicine Wheel: 

2nd flag

The higher medicine wheel came to make itself known around 2008 and represents the colors of the Mother, the transition time, the higher chakras and portals to the higher self: this is the new direction of the new human, the transformation and emergence into the new human experience on the Planet.

The colors “of the Mother” depict Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene or the Matriarch and Goddess in the traditional sense, and the return of the feminine to the planet to balance the unbalanced rise of the masculine. It brings in the purity of the heart and the spiritual nature to balance the head (intellect) and warrior nature. For a long time, the masculine has dominated or usurped the feminine and that has resulted in aggressive colonization and exploitation of the planet, in violence, conquest and war as a means of determination and human evolution. It is time for the feminine to return and take her rightful place alongside the masculine and to restore balance to a world that teeters on the brink of self destruction from too much masculine energy distorted to machismo, macho and dominance over “other,” females and nature, and has led to unrestrained violence and war. The appearance of this new wheel inside the tradition of the old is a step toward balance, toward enlightenment, toward reverence for Spirit, Nature and the gifts of Earth.

It is an ascension wheel or higher wheel that incorporates the more refined spiritual faculties and advanced human faculties and a leap in both consciousness and evolution. It is effective when used in conjunction with the traditional medicine wheel or it can be used by itself if the shifting of energy is emergent and balance is needed to ward off tragedy, intractable violence or collapse. If used with the traditional medicine wheel, it is placed inside the outer (traditional) wheel.

The colors are colors that represent a higher vibration and reflect the attributes of the new and advanced human destined to inhabit this world and to become its stewards instead of thoughtless marauders, exploiters and extortionists of gifts and resources that belong not to the one or to the most aggressive and powerful, but to all. We are all descendents of the same beginning, a Universe exploded from a tiny speck smaller than a zygote. The birth of humanity incorporates us all. In truth, there is only one being here.

[wc_row][wc_column size="one-fourth" position="first"]


The Mother (Earth- as she is from space) Associated with the throat and speech Connected with water, sky, ocean

[/wc_column][wc_column size="one-fourth"]

White Associated with purity, innocence. Connected with clarity, new beginnings

[/wc_column][wc_column size="one-fourth"]


Color of the heart chakra Love, nourishment, compassion, kindness The natural world

[/wc_column][wc_column size="one-fourth" position="last"]


Color of the crown chakra Associated with enlightenment, royalty, the higher faculties


[wc_row][wc_column size="one-half" position="first"]


Associated with the third eye in the center of the forehead Inner seeing, inner being Sixth sense Giving voice to the knowing

[/wc_column][wc_column size="one-half" position="last"]


Associated with abundance Stars and Father Sky Connected with embracing Manifestation and the future


bundlesBuilding the New 21st Century Wheel inside a wheel:

The outside ring carries the colors of the traditional Lakota Medicine Wheel: red, black, white, yellow. The Higher Medicine Wheel with is 6 colors is placed inside — a wheel within a wheel. When tight spaces preclude an outer and inner wheel, both outer (traditional Lakota and traditional colors- red, black, white, yellow) can be placed as small flags along with the new medicine wheel of the Mother vibration. (See illustration.) Since flags are used instead of rocks, these wheels may be easily placed in trees or bushes, on buildings or posts, and work almost anywhere. Prayer ties are affixed to the flags. For example, prayer ties with tobacco, an amulet, something that represents the four elements—earth air, fire, water such as seashells, stones, feathers, twigs, and other small ritualized objects pull the energy of that symbol to the portal.

Two more directions are recognized in the ritual: Up (Father Sky) and Down (Mother Earth) Sometimes the in between directions are added- Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest. The flags are placed at approximate directions N-S-E-W and can also span the circle.

The medicine wheel energies, which are like acupuncture points on the planet that are similar to needles placed in the human body, are anchored into the earth with prayers, incantations, chanting, drum circles, singing, rituals or other spiritual gatherings. This grounding of the new energies for healing, renewal, and human evolutionary enlightenment can also be accomplished virtually through Skype and online conference gatherings. Ceremonies may be held at intervals to amplify the energies and renew the portals.

The ancients and the Indigenous who knew how to use power and medicine, know and have promised through prophesy: "We are the ones we have been waiting for."

© ~B. Kaufmann 2014

* Barbara has been directed by Spirit to build a global medicine wheel.  Anyone who would like to be part of building this new medicine wheel on the planet may contact her. *

She believes it can be done because a few years ago she was part of a global initiative to build energy portals at mountain sites around the world including in Siberia where she has visited, and at Zaca Peak which is located at the north end of Neverland Ranch. 

In addition to her shamanic work at www.whispermysoul.blogspot.com Barbara is a writer who writes for Voices Education Project as founder of the "Words and Violence" program there; is a contributor and blogger for the Charter for Compassion and the Huffington Post. Her writer and contact information may be found at  www.onewordsmith.com

Spooky guides a Journey

Kathleen asked me to help her with the loss of her sweet dog , Spooky. Spooky sent many powerful images and personal messages, and promised to support Kathleen in her connection to Spirit - and indeed he did. A few days after the session Kathleen sent this note. spooky

Hi Carla -

My heart is soft and happy - thanks again. I feel like the session helped to open my new relationship to Spooky as Spirit Dog. He was always such a protector - my wild knight! I wanted to thank-you again for your service. The experience lightened my grief considerably, and the next day, I feel like I had a 'miraculous' message / healing. I wrote about it, so I wanted to share it with you:  http://www.kathleenivanoff.com/apps/blog

Feel free to share my story - it was a kind of "miracle" for me - nothing I could have expected or even hoped for. Humbled with love and grace. :)

Postcard from Eygpt

Feb 21,2014

spookySpooky is running along the reedy shore of a sun-warmed dream lake with a tribe of wild jackals. I enter through the white heart of his chest. His elegant dog’s body is a portal to the spirits, and I emerge on the inside stillness of time, receptive. Spooky’s black body is now a sharp shadow outside, but inside, a rope of sandalwood beads leads me farther into his wilderness. I am counting drum beats, breath, the fragrant pulses of love. I hear a drumming gallop like a miniature horse. His body is diamond black, sleek, sealskin. A shape-shifting Kelpie. Anubis, the god of Spooky, reignites his soul’s essence and incense rises again from the top of his head. He had this talent in life, before the sufferings of old age, and now this sweetness has returned. From now, we will meet in this wood between the worlds: refined pine forest, black spindles fanning into orange and purple twilight . We will meet again in this would between the words: aligned spine forest, whorled spine cones of light tracking love’s path back and back… more...



Soul Retrieval and PTSD


Last week a person I'll call Sam (and them to avoid gender ID) came to me for a shamanic Soul Retrieval healing session to get unstuck. Sam had recently suffered a violent criminal attack that left them blocked in all ways - like their life force had been unplugged. Sam is getting court sponsored therapy for PTSD, which is helping. But the whole event brought them face to face with their older, deeper issues around confidence, worthiness and personal happiness.

"Why can't I be confident and happy? Why does this always happen to me?" These are the kinds of questions that come up when we have significant soul loss, and we are not operating with our full life force.  Sam wants LIFE back! Sam wants to move forward with confidence and joy, connected with safe, loving companions.

Our session was lengthy - rich with beautiful imagery and healing energy. The Spirits were strong and clear. In the end I felt confident that Sam would thrive despite what they had been through. 10 days later Sam wrote this:

Dear Carla: I wanted to reach out to you and thank you so incredibly much for blessing me with your time. I feel like a weight was lifted off of me. I still feel like I could use a bit more work eventually.  What would you suggest for me as my next steps so I can continue growing spiritually onthis amazing path?  With Gratitude,  Sam

Dear Sam: I am so excited for you! That is great news!  I am sure you will need more work,  EVERYONE DOES!  :-)  We are all human! The first thing to do is to learn to journey. I have an on demand series, and the first class is free. Here is the linkhttp://www.spirithealer.com/product/free-is1/Love, Carla

PS: I love this painting, Soul of a Unicorn, by Josephine Wall. It is available for purchase at http://www.josephinewall.co.uk/soul.html

Mira reaches the other side

Mira left her body and entered the spirit world very recently. It was ultimately my decision. I wanted to hear if Mira was ok with it. I also wanted us to experience any healing that could be had for our life together and her passing. My experience was unbelievably personal. I did not expect to receive a one on one healing and blessing session. Karen is an amazing conduit to the forces and energies of the universe. The conversation with Mira that she engaged in reflected so much of what I would have liked Mira to have experienced while she was here on earth. She was not able to relax and enjoy life as it could have been for her... even when she ultimately ended up in a home surrounded with love, patients and acceptance. It was a joyful relief to know that she is free from her mental and physical burdens that experienced here on earth. She was loved and will be missed.

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Free Recording of Healing Clinic

healing clinic
healing clinic

We had a fantastic time at our Shamanic Animal Healing TeleClinic last night. The call was on Maestro Conference, a teleconference system that gives us break out rooms. Many of our healers paired with clients for private healing sessions, while I and several clients and healers remained in the center circle where we keep the fire going. We call in Spirits and collectively support the healing rooms with loving energy. We also do healing work in the center, and this week we worked on several animals. One of those was Ray Wiley Hubbard, an adorable Donkey who was moving from his rescue to his new forever home. Kate Bremmer asked us to help him with the transition, because he is not experienced with halters and trailers, and he has been in rough conditions in the past. She wanted to make sure he knew that this was a great thing, and that he would be safe and loved forever. I led the session, with Mary and Dorrel adding power and healing as well. We let Ray know that his new home would be wonderful, and got him excited for his prospects. The Spirits recommended that Kate use a chute to load him rather than a halter so that he wouldn't need to be concerned. It would be like going into a stall filled with yummy food.

Here is what Kate had to say the next day:  Ray Wiley met his new family today, and with a minimum of fuss, went into the trailer when he was ready, using a chute. I think he knew he was leaving today as he left his breakfast hay bag, but he sure did like the Nicker Makers that his new family brought. I told them about his power companions Kolur and the little dog. They were happy to hear this.

The recording features the center circle, and then reports from the breakout rooms. It is very interesting and filled with beauty.  As you listen you will experience the healing for yourself! There are stories of emotional healing, physical healing, general communication, and transition to the afterlife - a cross section of cases that illustrate what SpiritHealer School is all about!

Listen Now
Listen Now
certified healer
certified healer

It was graduation day for Judy Ramsey, Patti Cora, Kim Sielski, Karen Stockwell, Lynn Cohen and Susanne Helms. You can see their bios on our Qualified Healer page. 

Simple intentional touch

You should do a very specific light touch technique with her. Put your fingers on the neck  - very very lightly, and close your eyes. Focus on her bones and the soft tissue. Do Not Think. Just imagine the healthy, vibrant, happy tissues. Today I did a session for a older dog named Maya who is dizzy and holds her head to the side. The vet said it may be vestibular disease, and Gail is hopeful for Maya's full recovery. She wanted to me find out from Maya and the Spirits if there were anything she could do to help Maya through this. The Spirits gave her a an idea for doing some very simple intentional touch, and I wanted to share it with you:

You should do a very specific light touch technique with her. Put your fingers on her cranial/cervical junction, on the neck in the crease below the occiput - very very lightly, and close your eyes. Focus on her bones and the soft tissue. They said to see the bones like they are (see the picture) and then to just envision the tissue however your imagination sees it. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are focusing on seeing all the tissues being healthy vibrant and happy.  Maya will instruct your intuition on where to put your fingers next. DO NOT THINK. Just imagine the healthy vibrant happy tissues. It is very likely you will find yourself moving along her TMJ. The spirits talked about how old dogs teeth don't do what they should, and the ligaments get all worn and tired. But no matter what is causing the head to tilt and her to feel dizzy - a tumor, arthritis, inner ear swelling, whatever, the spirits would not say -  this technique will make her feel tons better.

It is so gratifying to have the Spirits give such clear direction. Gayle will easily be able to do thi , and she and Maya will have sweet loving time together as she does. I look forward to hearing that it is working!

A Brilliant Cat named Austin

This week I had the privilege to do a session for a brilliant cat named Austin. Brilliant cats are those special beings who are bigger and brighter than expected, and who seem to have special missions here on earth. They are associated with the Crystal Palace in the upper world, and when they are incarnated, their missions are important. These missions usually surprise me because they are so far outside of my experience and understanding. It is like looking through window into the extraordinary. Where this excerpt begins, Austin had received a deep healing - extraction and power infusion - and we connected to a spirit of a female brilliant cat, whom I am calling "mother" and to a dolphin. He was ready for the "mission" stage of the journey, and we are privileged to stand witness as my Upper World teacher, Amber, and Austin's guides (the mother cat and the dolphin) "make it so".

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The decision to euthanise

happyhipsThis is Hip Boots last day. She has stopped eating, and she has withdrawn. At 18 or 19 years old it is expected. We are sad and resigned to the inevitable. It has been a great life. She came home with us as a baby cat, along with her two siblings, born to a feral queen under my sister's shed. The queen became a house cat and had another litter, giving my sister two wonderful kitty companions. Both mom and brother have left already. Hip Boot's sibling have long gone, although the  sister, Venture, immediately reincarnated into Timmy, and is doing fine. Really this post is about sharing a fantastic article on helping us decide if it is time for the big goodbye. And here is the link.


What to expect in Shamanic Healing

Carla Meeske
Carla Meeske

These Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic cases remind me again of what shamanic healing really is - engaging the Compassionate Spirits to bring healing and wisdom to those seeking help. When we ask, "Did this healing work?" Our first thought is to judge the healing against our specific request. I suggest we see the bigger picture. When you receive a quality shamanic healing you can expect your healer to hold a clear and focused intention for the outcome you seek: to engage very powerful Spirits, to stand witness to the Spirit's work diagnosing the spiritual aspects of the issues, removing intrusions and blockages, infusing the client with Spiritual guidance and Power, restoring soul, light and love. However, just because we set the strongest intention and do the work with incredible focus, we may not get the result we requested. We have asked wise and compassionate Spirits to intervene on behalf of the client, and they know what is really needed. Their idea of the best outcome  may not be exactly what we were envisioning.

A good shamanic healer sets a very clear intention, and calls in specific Spirits to help. We may even BEG for that outcome and we should, because to get a miracle, you have to set your teeth with determination!  The Spirits respect that. They too have a singular determination to help us through the trials and suffering of life. Sometimes a shamanic healer will simply set the intention for "the highest good" and just channels energy. But usually the session has a very clear intention, and we work hard with the Spirits to achieve it.  And then, when the session is finished and we have closed the circle, we let go of that outcome. We trust that Spirits know what is really needed, and that they will stay with that client long after the session has ended to help bring it about. Sometimes we DO get the miracle and WOW is that exciting!

Denise shared this testimonial with me after her husband's healing session at my home. His mouth had suspicious sores, which the doctor said were cancerous. It was just a matter of the biopsy to prove it. The Spirits were very strong and clear. It was a joy to do this session. (See more testimonials )

When I asked him how it felt he stated “as soon as I walked out of Carla’s house I just knew the cancer was gone, so I never thought about it again”....I wanted to give you an update to celebrate!  My husband went to the specialist and wouldn’t you know …….. they can’t find anything in his mouth! The same doctor who carried on about all the cancer treatments [because he saw evidence of mouth cancer] was now just speechless…..The puss and sores in his mouth started clearing up right after the session with you… and by the third day they were completely gone!  THANK YOU CARLA FOR SHARING YOUR AMAZING GIFT!

What a thrill is was to get this note! But it isn't always this clear and clean. Sometimes the healing outcome is not as obvious. Maybe the healing was really to restore soul and release old encumbrances. And even through the client may not get the outcome they were seeking, they become empowered and can start to fix themselves! or maybe the outcome is to come to peace with the reality of our frail physical forms, or our lost relationships, or our animals departure, or whatever. The Spirits are very good at guiding us to our serenity.

So if the Healer should not be judged by the outcome, then what SHOULD you use to judge a healer's quality (and you should indeed do this).  Their preparation. Their training and their clarity with describing the Spirits and the work. Your intuition telling you that the Healer is not laying a personal trip on you, or showering you with their personal knowledge and advice, but rather, the healer trusts the Compassionate Spirits to lead the session, to do what needs to be done, even if it is weird and unexpected. The Healer TRUSTS the Spirits. This is how you can tell you are in good hands.

The bottom line in shamanism is this - your healer is NOT doing the healing. The Compassionate Spirits are. The healer is a Hollow Bone. That person has devoted many hours to become a clear, strong channel - a very clear bridge to Spirit. They set their egos aside and do the work unencumbered by their own ideas and judgements. It is not easy to be this person. It takes a lot of experience in shamanic reality, including learning healing techniques, and receiving personal initiations. And it takes the perpetual grace of the Spirit Guides the healer works with.

Tobee Wan is doing poorly after dental surgery.

Tobee Christmas, poor dearTobe Wan Kenobee: kitty who won't eat after dental surgery, and who vomits and is dropping weight.Qualified Healer: Karen Stockwell Clinic Date: 07/22/2013 Client: Kaylen Excerpt: Tobee hasn't been right - not eating well, losing weight, dry fur. We have been trying to get to the bottom of it, and tonight we asked the Spirits to help.

The healing was beautiful, and Karen was wonderful. The imagery was very clear I felt the energy. I wish there had been time for her to talk to Tobee so I could know if there is something I should be doing to help him. We'll be at the point soon of having to get x-rays at the vet.

The Healing: From Karen: Tobee is placed upon a wooden block then my guide takes a beautiful white and gold inlay egg off of his altar. It has red and gold with a fluke on each end. He puts the egg on Tobees crown and inhales extracting through the crown. He throws the egg into the fire where it explodes colorful confetti into the air landing as flower petals upon the floor. He takes a second egg from the altar and places it on Tobees chest and inhales extracting from the chest removing the feeling of nausea between the throat and the chest. He takes this egg which is blue and red and gold-throws it into the fire where it explodes and flies away as birds as it is transformed to healing energy. He takes a third gold egg to a dull ache at the base of Tobees tail and extracts it with his breath into the egg. He throws the egg into the fire where it explodes and falls to the floor transformed into flower petals. He takes another egg from the altar and turns Tobee onto his back. This one is placed at his abdomen where there is an unsettled feeling in his stomach. This is extracted into the egg via inhalation and thrown again into the fire where it explodes into birds that fly away. Another egg is taken from the altar this one is green and turquoise and gold. This one is used to extract some discomfort between Tobee's shoulder blades. The egg is thrown into the fire where it explodes into confetti and falls to the ground as all different colored flower petals-pink, gold, red, blue, and orange. The petals are all cleaned up and put away for future healing work. My guide takes his last egg from his altar in order to infuse healing into Tobee. He holds the egg up over his head and allows it to be struck by the power of lightening. The egg glows a bright, bright, bright piercing white light. He blows through the egg which he placed over Tobee's head. The light enters Tobee's crown where it extends into his head, down his shoulders, his feet, his back, through all of his organs, into his bloodstream, down his back legs into the earth, down his tail. Tobee is glowing white, a beacon of white light I can no longer see him, only the glowing light. I start to see him again under the light as it absorbes into his body he looks gray as it absorbs, then turns black again. I'm told the power of lightening will continue to heal him. My guide signals the healing is over by taking the egg he just blew lightening through, throwing it into the fire where it shoots back out cleansed, and my guide returns it to his altar. He picks up Tobee & hands him to me. He asks me to join him in the Shiva healing mantra three times for Tobee. (Om Trayumbakam Yajamahe. Sughandhim Pushti Vardanam. Urvar-ukamiva Bandhanan. Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritat). He tells me we are finished and we leave back down to ordinary reality.

From Kaylen:  Due to dental issues, Tobee has only two teeth left and the little ones in the front. His last oral surgery was in April and after that is when the problem started...food mostly was pushed around in the bowls or dishes and very little was getting into Tobee. I discovered he would eat out of a plastic wide-mouth jar lid (while I held it). It seemed to be the only way he would eat.

Tuesday, the next day after clinic, Tobee Wan remained ill vomited twice. Friday AM,( four days later) he has improved more:  "This morning he seemed more normal, a bit feisty. Perhaps it was because he accidentally got  shut in the other bedroom last night. ROFL This morning he tore out of there and ran for the kitchen.  I am grateful for every morsel he consumes. His fur is still dry and he needs essential fatty acids. I don't want to rock the boat by adding a new ingredient just yet."

Zander is extra fussy about eating

Zander the CatZander: A kitty having trouble eatingQualified Healer: Karen Hisata Clinic Date: 07/22/2013 Client's Name: Robin Excerpt: Zander, the polydactyl cat acts as if he is electric shocked when he begins to eat his food. Robin took him to the vet where they performed oral surgery on him to help him. But it has not helped him. He is now afraid to eat and is so thin.

Zander  will eat with encouragement now. He hasn't pulled back from his food the last few feedings, but I still have to stick the food right in front of him (he is definitely asking for food and hungry), and then sit with him while he eats. He doesn't seem to mind some of his buddies around him either, but he wants me next to him or he'll stop.

The Healing: From Karen (healer): Zander was brought to the Healing Circle but kept looking miffed, ears sideways, eyes slits. I asked him what was wrong and he said he did not want to be there. Mentioning this to Robin, she said she had taken Zander from his cat friends into the room and shut the door, and that he was standing at the door wanting out to be with his friends. I asked her to let him out and that we could still do the healing work. After he rejoined his friends he was very happy to be in the circle and had a happy face! Grandfather who is a Master of healing hands-on sat with Zander and immediately began to look into his head. His hands can move through an animal as if they are non-solid, and he began to do healing within Zander's mouth. The healing work went beautifully and Zander left a happy cat.

From Robin:  I can't find any evidence in his mouth that he has any residual paw--or infection--from his dental that included an extraction of one tooth that was a tough one and one small easy one. BUT I have a tooth ache on my left side. Could he be channeling mine?

Don't Touch Me!

GenesisGenesis: rescue kitty who can't be touchedQualified Healer: Karen Hisata Clinic Date: 07/22/2013 Client's Name: Robin Excerpt: Robin rescues cats and Genesis was one survivor who Robin adopted as a kitten. She has been raised in a loving environment and is now an adult, but she does NOT allow humans to touch her not even Robin. What is the problem!?

The Healing: Genesis comes to the Healing Circle with aplomb. She sits regally in the center. She shows me herself in a past life. I see in her place a beautiful and giant Lioness! I feel her presence - Lioness is a masterful hunter, she is WILD, she is proud. She is a Queen. Genesis then shows me her home and it feels to be her 'Realm'. She tells me she is WILD again and is proud of who she is. She has no problem with the people in her life, and appreciates their service & Robin's care, and that she is very happy with the way things are. and especially with her self. In this journey there was no 'healing' but more a soul speaking its truth. What a cool cat!