Nurturing a dragon egg

When we receive a dragon egg, we need to nurture that egg, and the dreams it contains. Sometimes this may simply mean that we feel the egg in our hearts (or where ever it is), and we acknowledge it on a regular basis. Part of the journey work for me is getting the client clear instructions on how to do that. Maybe we tend to it by keeping a journal, or by doing a simple ritual.  At some point that egg will hatch and that can be completely life changing. I myself am currently experiencing a new dragon that hatched prematurely for me last fall. I change as the dragon develops. We grow together, with brilliant soaring wings.  Tending a dragon egg, and then raising the young dragon, is a dedication to one's own purpose and development. It is a celebration of living.

Dragon eggs

IMG_0795Imagine, if you will, a surface made of shimmering light, shifting between a solid appearance of gold, silver or some magical texture, and a translucent curtain into the energetic substrate just on the other side. This is way dragon' eggs appear to me, a tangible mirage.
More and more when I am doing healing journeys with people and animals, dragons are part of the Spirit team doing the work. One of the things they often do is gift the client with an egg. While every egg is as unique as the client's needs, the one thing they seem to have in common is that they contain the pure potential of the client's healed perfection. The eggs tend to be formed from the dragon's stories of who the client is, who they were, and of what they can become. If the egg is transparent I sometimes see a dragon's form inside the egg. Other times it may look like a ball of brilliant white within. Or it may be different.
What do the dragons eggs look like for you?

Dragon Respect

imageWe have been working with dragons at Bumblebee now for 2 years, and the work is really different from working with the compassionate spirits of the upper and lower worlds. Dragons are middle world beings. They are powerful! They know who they are! Some resonate crystalline power, like the elements birthed from exploding stars and nurtured in cosmic nurseries. Some are raw like fire. Some are sweet like the shimmering surface of water. All of them should be respected. As I have been journeying to learn more about dragons I have been instructed to work first with a compassionate spirit who is my dragon teacher. This spirit is my instructor in all things dragon. He keeps me safe and guides my steps. Each journey gives me new lessons, new tools of the trade.

I highly recommend that you too work with a dragon teacher. Middle world power is tricky, and your dragon teacher will keep you on a safe track.